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Fetch Metals is a new Queensland-focused explorer, exploring for copper resources around the Mt Isa region. Dan Johnson, Hamish Collins, and the entire team at Fetch were looking for a platform that allowed them to manage a growing portfolio of tenements with ease – tracking expenditure, relinquishment and keeping the whole team abreast of actions required to remain compliant for every tenement. 

The team had previously used external consultants to manage their tenement obligations, whilst maintaining several Excel spreadsheets to ensure they never missed any key statutory actions. This approach had worked in the past – but the team were still open to exploring a modern and intuitive alternative to that approach.

The Best of Both Worlds – A Modern Platform with Tenement Expertise

Given the small team at Fetch, the team required a tenement solution that was simple to use, easy to learn and intuitive to operate. They found this in PX4. Moreover, whilst it was great for the team to have access to all the key tenure data that sits within the PX4 platform, there was an ongoing need to have an expert within the system that could also act as an internal adviser. 

With the click of a button, Dan and the exploration team were able to invite their existing tenement manager into their PX4 environment, so that they could ensure that no statutory actions were missed – whilst that same data remained available for the entire team at Fetch. This was absolutely the best of both worlds – the functionality of a modern tenement management platform with the certainty and safety of a tenement manager also having access to that same system! 

PX4’ cloud-based system allows the team to access and manage tenure compliance issues from anywhere through an accessible and secure web portal. At the touch of a button all necessary information, data and complete history of tenure is at the team’s fingertips. They can run reports in seconds to see what compliance actions are coming up, and the entire organisation has access to expenditure data, key documents relevant to each tenement and more – all within the graphic dashboard.

Scalability Across all Operations

With the team at Fetch picking up new packages of tenure across Queensland, the team required a solution that was scalable across the entirety of their holdings. With a quick email to PX4, Dan and the exploration team can advise which tenements in QLD to onboard, and the automated PX4 onboarding facility will scrape all key data from the QLD Public Enquiry report, and automatically populate the PX4 environment with all that tenement data.

“We have been really impressed with the functionality of PX4, and love that we can invite our existing tenement consultant into that same environment”
Dan Johnson – Chief Geologist & Executive Director

The Benefits

By switching from Excel to PX4, the whole team at Fetch Metals experienced:

  1. A scalable solution that continues to grow as their tenement portfolio increases;
  2. Significant time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders;
  3. The ability for an external consultant to oversee critical requirements;
  4. Access to critical data for the entire organisation (not just the tenement manager!); and
  5. Increased productivity of key staff, through operating a cloud-based and intuitive system.

Managing your Tenements with an External Consultant?

We understand that many companies do not want to take on the obligations and demands of managing all tenure requirements in-house, and that external consultants provide a valuable service. Like Fetch Metals, many of our clients are inviting their external consultants into their PX4 environment – whilst also providing access for multiple stakeholders internally. This allows the mining or exploration company to access their key data, see what obligations are coming up, and both save and view the relevant data for each tenement with ease. 

It also means that your external consultant can see the same data – and can continue to assist, provide strategic advice, and maintain a general overview of all tenure compliance issues day to day. 

“Providing access in PX4 for our external consultant ensures that our team can focus on exploration – whilst maintaining access to all key tenure data”
Dan Johnson – Chief Geologist & Executive Director

Adoption of a specifically built software platform can be a challenging decision to make – especially for something as important as tenement management. But moving to a modern, intuitive solution can radically improve the way your tenure is managed – and provide periphery benefits to the broader organisation! You also don’t have to leave your external consultant – there is room for both a modern platform, and professional advice within PX4.

To learn more about how PX4 can automate, streamline, and dramatically improve your tenement management processes – reach out today to schedule a demonstration!

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