In over 40 years of experience in the mining and exploration industry, we, at PX4 Software often hear tenement managers say they use a number of tools – both technological and manual – to streamline their day-to-day operations. Some complained of this not being best practice, while others were pretty sure that using multiple tools was as good as it gets. What’s your take on this? Let’s take a step back and evaluate tenement management from a fresh perspective.

Tenement management is no child’s play. Your daily activities include keeping in touch with numerous different internal and external departments and agencies to make sure your company meets all its compliance deadlines. You need to keep track of your tenement licenses and approvals, and you need to do it in an organised fashion. Without a solid way to track and organise these tenement licenses, you are vulnerable to fines and possible court action.

Your day as a Tenement Manager

As a tenement manager, how does your day look? You start off your day using whiteboards or Office 365 to list out your tasks, send out email reminders to the team on tasks assigned to them, manually set reminders, map out every other operational requirement on spreadsheets, and send those out to the concerned team members! Seems like a lot doesn’t it?

Working between multiple tools is highly time-consuming and can also be expensive in terms of costs and resources used. Tracking times go up as well leaving you with hardly any time to focus on other important aspects of your role. You might sometimes find yourself lost between these tools and in desperate need of a break from constant multitasking.

tenement management software

That’s where PX4 Software comes in. PX4 Resources is a software product that makes it easy to create and manage tenement applications with a slick online interface. You can now eliminate the need for complex spreadsheets and simplify the process of managing your tenement assets and reduce the amount of time you spend on multiple systems and workarounds. PX4 Resources, an easy-to-use online management system, allows you to collaborate with your colleagues, streamline your tenement management, and save time, allowing you to do all those other things you’ve been meaning to get to!

How can PX4 Resources help?

PX4 Resources allows you to quickly, and cost-effectively manage all your tenement requirements, specific to their jurisdiction meaning you’ll have no more ‘workarounds’ – your tenement software will actually work for you, in the context that it’s set in. If you have tenements in different jurisdictions, PX4 Resources specifically caters to them all, in one neat, secure and easy-to-use solution.

This cloud-based software, allows you to access the system from anywhere, on any device. Call or email us to discuss the program and answer any questions you have or arrange a demonstration. Sign up for a no-obligation FREE TRIAL. All you need to access this free trial is your work email address.