Hetherington specialise in tenement management, resources, planning and environmental approvals and compliance in the Queensland mining and exploration industries. They have been operating in Queensland for over 30 years and had been using an old piece of tenement management software designed for operation in Western Australia.

Brian and the team were fed up with paying for software updates that provided no benefit to their operations in Queensland, and instead went on the search to find a more flexible, innovative and modern tenement management solution.

This led to discussions and an eventual partnership with PX4 Resources – which has the Queensland legislation embedded into the platform (when operating in Queensland), making it jurisdiction specific and far more aligned to Hetherington’s needs.

Embracing the Next Generation of Tenement Management Software

Hetherington has been operating in Queensland since the 90’s and is one of the key players in the tenement management space on the East Coast. Brian Martin and the team have built up a practice that is based on expertise and experience.

The Brisbane office purchased a copy of a competitor product in 2014 and installed the dashboard on their local computers in the Brisbane office. Whilst the competitor product was a suitable product for several years, it remains a Western-Australian focused service, with companies operating outside of that jurisdiction required to create their own processes to remain compliant in other jurisdictions.

Moreover, as the product is database driven, it is difficult to access or host remotely. As Brian and the team looked to adopt a more agile and modern business (on cloud-based systems), the competitor product configuration meant that they would have had to run an additional server system to continue to have access to their old database.

Over the years of use, the competitor product product that Brian had purchased slowly become more and more obsolete. Upgrades were available – but these were very expensive, with all upgrade costs being worn by the Brisbane office. Moreover – most of the upgrades that were available were relevant to other jurisdictions (WA mostly..) with little to no relevance for the Brisbane office and operations running exclusively in Queensland.
It was in this context that Brian and the team at Hetherington decided to see what other solutions were out there – and that’s where discussions with PX4 Resources began.

The Challenge of Moving to a New Solution

As all tenement management consultancies and tenement managers around the country well know – moving to a new software system is no mean feat. Staff have experience with and know how to use whatever platform they currently use, there are structures and procedures in place with existing providers and given how busy tenement managers are, moving to a new piece of integral software can seem like a bridge too far.
This process can be so daunting in fact, that many companies decide to stick it out with their existing provider – even if as a solution it costs them time and resources, or has grown outdated and clunky over time.

This is far more common than you would think, and it is often the case that tenement managers are left to work with outdated systems that require manual workarounds and band aid solutions to be able to operate effectively in whatever jurisdiction they are operating in.
Often biting the bullet is easier said than done.

Moving to a new system also requires re-training, dedication of resources across multiple aspects of the business (finance, IT, tenement managers etc) and also raises the question – how do we integrate our existing data and all the history of our tenements into a new system?
Sound familiar?

Why Hetherington Chose PX4 Resources

Brian and the team at Hetherington chose PX4 Resources because it was the best product available for their needs, at a better price and with better flexibility to handle legislative changes and company requirements.

Direct cost savings was an obvious benefit to choosing PX4 Resources, but we also offered a software solution that had jurisdiction specific legislation embedded into the platform – meaning no more clunky workarounds required for the tenement managers.

PX4 Resources offered a jurisdiction product that was available as a cloud-based and easily integrated piece of software, easily accessed by staff working from home and not taking up precious and costly server space and IT resources.

“By switching to PX4 Resources it has allowed us the opportunity to work more efficiently and the ability to use the internet-based software on the go.”

The intuitive nature of the PX4 Resources platform meant that the tenement managers at Hetherington did not need intensive training to use the system – with simple workflow processes guiding the staff through the complex legislative framework.

The Hetherington Brisbane office took the onboarding process as a chance to audit their existing tenements and all associated data, cleaning up their information and ensuring the transition to PX4 Resources was as smooth and efficient as it could have been.

So, not only did Hetherington end up with a product better suited to their needs, but they ended up with a solution that was that was cheaper, more scalable and that required less training to get staff up to speed!

The Results

By switching from the competitor product to PX4 Resources, the whole team at Hetherington experienced:

  1. Direct cost savings by choosing a cheaper product, and further indirect cost savings through saving on costly upgrades to software and server / IT costs;
  2. Piece of mind knowing that there are no hidden costs – no upgrade fees, no update fees and no costs to maintain legislative accuracy or currency;
  3. Increased productivity and effectiveness of tenement managers, through using a jurisdictional-specific and intuitive platform;
  4. No down time – with no training needed for staff to get up to speed (though in-house expert sessions have been provided!); and
  5. A more reactive and agile software solution that is better equipped to cater to their evolving needs.

What Are You Waiting For?

We know that the thought of shifting to a new software platform for something as crucial as tenement management can be a daunting and difficult process. But changing to a system that better suits your company’s needs, saves your company money and resources, and results in a more efficient and streamlined product is absolutely worth it. To learn more about how our software can revolutionise your tenement management processes – reach out today! www.px4software.com