Case Study: Aurora Tenement Consulting – Moving to a truly multi-jurisdictional tenement management solution


Aurora Tenement Consulting is a modern consulting company, specialising in exploration and mining tenement services around Australia (and beyond!). Shelly and her team manage tenements for a range of clients across most Australian jurisdictions.

Shelly has extensive experience in tenement and compliance management in the mining and oil and gas industries. She has used a number of tenement management and compliance software packages in the past. Whilst these certainly had some benefits and were suitable for operation in WA, Shelly’s expanding practice required a solution that was truly multi-jurisdictional to flourish.

This opened the door for discussions and an eventual partnership with PX4  – which has allowed Aurora to operate across Australia with a truly multi-jurisdictional solution.

What does it mean to be truly multi-jurisdictional?

Many of the tenement management software packages available in Australia purport to be multi-jurisdictional. This suggests that they can be used for managing mining and exploration tenements across the country with ease. 

This is not necessarily the case – as Shelly and the team at Aurora have recently experienced. When looking to expand into new jurisdictions, Shelly was required to create all her own statutory actions based on the legislative requirements outside of WA. 

That process requires extensive IT configuration in the software system. Shelly did not have the time nor the resources to configure everything herself – and her clients required a solution that was ready to rock and roll! That is where PX4 comes into play. 

PX4 is the only tenement management solution available that has the legislation of each jurisdiction embedded within the software – ensuring that our customers have the capability to operate across state lines without necessarily having prior experience in that jurisdiction. 

The process pathways that PX4 creates steps each user through the legislative process from pre-application, all the way through the lifecycle of each authority type through to relinquishment or non-compliance. 

This ensures that no actions are missed and that compliance is maintained for all of Aurora’s clients.

Shifting to an Intuitive and Modern Platform

One of the major benefits of shifting to PX4 is that there is no intensive training required, and no downtime for staff trying to learn how to use a new system. Shelly and her team had a one-hour expert session (provided to all PX4 clients free of charge) to get them up to speed with PX4 and then they were off and running.

The intuitive and graphical interface was a welcome shift away from the traditional Excel-style database systems that Shelly and her team – with a visual homepage and consoles for each relevant entity within the system providing a clear and concise view of Shelly’s client’s tenure. 

The Tipping Points for Aurora?

The team at Aurora Tenement Consulting chose PX4 because it is the only software package that allowed expansion into new jurisdictions around Australia without extensive manual configuration. The cloud-based operating system means that Shelly and her staff can access the key data when working from home, and all aspects of the organisation get visibility into the graphical interface of PX4.

Direct cost savings was another benefit to choosing PX4, with a clearly visible return on investment from the time saved in automated action generation, critical daily reminders, and the intuitive nature of the system.

“Switching to PX4 was an easy choice as it did not require any customisation to allow our company to operate multi-jurisdictionally, plus – we saved a lot of money!” Shelly Zhang – Director

The intuitive nature of the PX4 platform meant that the team at Aurora did not need intensive training to use the system – a simple one-hour session with Donna Gaffney was the only training required to get the team up to speed. 

The Benefits

By switching from our competitor’s WA-based product to PX4, Aurora gained:

  1. Significant time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders;
  2. Peace of mind knowing the software was built specifically for multi-jurisdictional use;
  3. Increased productivity of key staff, through operating a cloud-based and intuitive system;
  4. Better visibility and accessibility of critical data across the entirety of the organisation; and
  5. A scalable solution that could be implemented across the whole organisation.

Sound Familiar?

Switching platforms or software providers can be a challenging decision to make – especially for something as important as tenement management. But if you are operating across multiple Australian jurisdictions there is no better system to support and allow you to do so with ease!

To learn more about how our software can automate, streamline and dramatically improve your tenement management processes – reach out today!

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