Celebrating our PX4th Birthday!

In just four short years, PX4’s cloud-based mining tenement management software has made a significant impact on the mining industry, streamlining compliance workflows and optimising tenement-related actions for mining companies and tenement managers. PX4 has truly changed the game, and the team is not stopping there.

Over the past 12 months, PX4 has made over a dozen notable improvements to its PX4  software. One of the most exciting improvements is the new Landholders Report, which allows users to easily identify and track landowners and their interactions within a tenement area. This report is a valuable tool for mining companies and tenement managers who need to keep track of land ownership and quickly access information about landholders.

Another significant improvement is the new Work Program History Report, which provides users with a detailed overview of work programs associated with a tenement. The report shows the proposed work program and actual activity for each commitment year. This report is invaluable for managing work programs and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

In addition to the Landholders and Work Program Reports, PX4 has also added two new Expenditure Reports. These reports provide a yearly prescribed versus actual account of tenement expenditures as well as a current term expenditure summary and are essential for managing budgets and tracking expenses.

PX4 has also made it easier for users to connect to online mapping systems in Western Australia and Alaska. This integration allows users to quickly access detailed maps, making it easier to manage and track tenements in these regions.

Other notable improvements include the Quick Search feature, which allows users to search for any entity within the software quickly. PX4 has also introduced Sticky Filters on list pages, retaining the last filter options until new search criteria are required. The Archive of Authorities feature allows users to archive tenement authorities that are no longer tracked, decluttering reportable data. The Bulk Update of Action Dates feature allows users to update multiple action dates quickly, saving time and improving efficiency.

PX4 has also made several major functionality enhancements over the past 12 months. The Agreements Module is a new feature that allows users to manage all agreements associated with a tenement, including indigenous, land access and commercial agreements. The Document Library is another new feature that allows users to store and manage all tenement-related documents in one centralised location for easy access and visibility. This feature is especially valuable for managing regulatory compliance and ensuring that all required documentation is up to date and linked to any related records.

One of the most significant developments for PX4 over the past year has been expanding its solution to cover all Australian states and the Northern Territory, including some petroleum and geothermal licenses in Western Australia, South Australia, and Queensland. PX4 has also introduced new solutions for Alaska, Namibia and Nevada. These expansions have opened avenues for PX4 to make its mark across the globe by providing reliable jurisdiction-specific solutions to clients. 

And there’s more to come! We, at PX4, are committed to ongoing innovation and welcome anyone who wants to be a part of the ongoing celebration to get in touch with us with their suggestions and feedback, or to find out more about the PX4 suite of tenement management software products.

PX4’s success is due in large part to our highly valued clients, partners, and amazing team. We express our gratitude for the professionalism, trust, and support of those who have contributed to our success. As we celebrate four years of revolutionising tenement and compliance management, we look forward to many more birthdays spent together.

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