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PX4's Communications Module

At PX4 we never tire in our quest to make PX4 the best it can possibly be. We listen to our customers and are constantly improving our products. We are also always on the lookout for new features and functionality that would benefit our community of valued clients. The Communications Module is no exception.

The Communications Module will be another powerful tool in the PX4 bag of tricks, and the team is very excited to announce that it will be delivered in early 2023.

We already have a Stakeholders feature in our PX4 product, so what’s different about the Communications Module? The short answer is that the Communications Module goes much further.

The new Communications Module features will include:
  • A list page easily located and accessible through the main dashboard 
  • The ability to create or link to existing Stakeholders or Contacts in PX4 
  • Facility to create a Communication by:
    • Category (i.e. complaint, query)
    • Type (i.e. phone call, letter, email)
    • Communication start time and date
    • Entering a communication subject (summary)
    • Entering communication details
    • Linking to other PX4 entities (Authorities, Objections, Land Parcels, Projects, Agreements)
    • Adding a related document.
  • The ability to view communication details 
  • The incorporation of push notifications 
  • Reporting functionality.

The list goes on…

but best of all, and worth repeating, is that just like all of PX4’s tools you can link a Communications record to everything else.
If you’re not familiar with PX4, arrange a demonstration to see some of PX4’s key functionality for yourself.
PX4 can automate, streamline and dramatically improve your processes.

Find out more about the Communications Module and how to add it to your PX4 package

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