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Benjamin Franklin’s famous phrase, “A penny saved is a penny earned” is a saying as old as the hills, but it holds true today, more than ever. Well-managed people should know how, when, and where to cut costs while accelerating operations and pushing the business toward tangible profits. 

But is it possible to cut costs without compromising on efficiency, you ask? We think IT IS! 

We conscientiously designed PX4 to be a time-saving solution customised to the needs of mining tenement managers. As observed by our clients, our automated workflow software delivers cost savings of up to 35%. 

How did we calculate the 35% saving?

We did a time and motion analysis comparing the time spent by tenement managers doing the most common tasks such as preparing reports, following up with stakeholders and obligations, and adding reminders into your calendar across multiple time periods, and found that PX4 saves a large portion of this time, simply by using built-in workflows, automated reminders, and predefined reports for all the common tasks. All that time when converted to paid man-hours, accounted for 35% cost savings across daily operations. 

What is 35% of your time worth to you? To us, that’s a whole vacation. 

How Tenement Managers can save costs with PX4

Time is money, so every minute that you save on tasks, is money saved.  There are many little and some big ways that tenement managers can save costs with PX4. Here are the surefire few. 

Long-term cost savings 

What is the cost of a missing file? Probably hours if not days of effort and agony, all of which could have been avoided if you had a backup copy saved. It would also be beneficial to have it right next to the tenement that you were looking at. PX4 offers an intuitive way to upload any document and link it to the relevant entity, including stakeholders, tenements, projects, land parcels, etc. so that the document can be seen in real-time relationships, rather than lie hidden away in a folder somewhere. 

Overhead costs 

The idle time where employees aren’t being productive may occur for any number of reasons and may or may not be controlled by management. If left unchecked, idle time can contribute to the overhead that increases costs to the company. There are also scenarios where employees don’t know what to do or are doing the wrong things. Overseeing a scattered workflow requires multiple levels of micromanagement to ensure the smooth running of operations. That in itself is tedious and time-consuming.

The cost of poor management means that more time and resources are used on tasks, adding up to rework, lost time, inefficiency, and low productivity. PX4’s automated workflow guides users’ course of work, making the process standardised, easy to replicate, and fun to do. This workflow helps employees at all levels of the organisation save man hours, therefore helping them do more in a normal work day. 

PX4 automates the most monotonous and tedious tasks of a typical tenement manager’s day. With this solution, you can stop doing the drudge work of sending out daily reminders and generating multiple reports. 

Ever paid the price of missing a submission? 

The biggest cost of poor tenement management is of course if you ever miss a statutory action. This will not only cost time and money but will also affect your reputation as an employee and a company. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have all your actions and submissions neatly laid out on a sleek dashboard with due date reminders that work around public holidays and specific jurisdictions? 

That’s exactly what PX4 offers, to make sure you never miss a deadline ever again!

Can legacy software cost you? 

Most software was written for a different era and was targeted toward users paying for each upgrade. The often painful process of installing new software, performing migrations, and then worrying about what could have gone wrong is troublesome, to say the least. Each upgrade might cost hundreds of dollars, potentially adding up to thousands of dollars over the years, and in the end, you still might be left behind the times by running an old version of the software. 

In the case of legacy software, the system still meets the needs it was originally designed for, but doesn’t allow for growth. What a legacy system does now for the company is all it will ever do.

With PX4 an upfront, simple monthly (or annual) subscription gives you all the amazing features and functionalities that the software has to offer, with no extra hidden costs to upgrade. With every version upgrade, you always get the latest updates, security fixes, and additional features that we include in the package. 

Our solution gets you, and your resources, back to your core business – exploration and mining. Stop fighting with your legacy system, and try PX4 today! 

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