Digital Technology for the Modern Resources Industry

The Australian mining industry has been a global leader in developing and implementing new technology and techniques, including data and analytics, automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence. With the world going digital, it is essential that the mining industry continues to keep up with the change – and gets ahead of the curve. 


The digital transformation of manufacturing, production, and indeed, the resources industry has dramatically changed work processes resulting from the automation of many practices and leading to the capture of more real-time data improved response times, reportability, and efficiency of operations. Organisations are now seeking to further digitalise other aspects of their organisation, harnessing data to enable better insight, faster communication, in-depth analytics, and the automation of practices.

In today’s competitive environment, mining operations, exploration companies, and more need to be conducted as efficiently as possible. Proper use of digitisation helps to maximise production, increase asset reliability, increase efficiency and provide better insight into areas of potential improvement within the organisation. Digital technology can help unite, analyse, and manage data, and processes in an intelligent and efficient way. It can also help companies adapt to constant change with ease. 

The team at PX4 has witnessed this digitalisation first-hand and has seen the positive benefits to companies of all sizes embracing the digital era. We are constantly engaging with companies who still manage their critical land assets and mining tenements through Excel spreadsheets, whiteboards, and paper ledgers… 

Whilst this may have worked in the past, tenement management is an area of critical importance in the resources industry that has not historically been a target of the digital revolution. For us at PX4, that was an issue, and that was the foundation upon building an innovative and modern tenement management software solution – and one that is benefiting our customers to have better visibility and transparency into their tenement data – and providing better insights and protection to corporate risk than through the use of Excel.

The Benefits of Digitalisation

Businesses are under pressure to adapt by rapidly transforming the way they engage with customers, their internal operations, and how they interact with external stakeholders. The use of technology can help improve existing business processes to drive customer engagement, employee productivity and juggle increasing government reporting and monitoring, thus improving business resilience.

Digitisation has the following proven benefits:

  • Enhanced data collection, management, and analysis
  • Higher efficiency in operations
  • Easier transparency in – asset and resource management
  • Data-driven insights and decisions
  • Improved collaboration and sharing of information
  • Increased foresight
  • Improved productivity
  • Derisk work process breakdown 

Taking it Forward

How does your expenditure vs commitments look? Do you know?

Digital transformation and innovation is challenging for any business.  Fear of change, ease of status-quo, and lack of foresight in potential consequences of current practices can lead companies to stagnate in improving their efficiency, and in turn, negatively impact on business running costs. Businesses are under a lot of pressure to choose and adopt the right technology – and the breadth of options creates an additional layer of complexity.  Applying the 4 step process outlined below to your current tenement management requirements can assist in taking away some of that complexity.  


Being a digitally powered company no longer means simply being technologically savvy. Driving a digital transformation begins with having a clear reason as why you need the transformation, digital vision and plan to move forward. In your assessment, you’ll need to consider your current vulnerabilities and these can range from your software and its bugs and crashes, security,  but also to your personnel and their monopoly on how the system operates.  Of course, the cost is always a factor and it is not just the initial outlay to consider.  There may be costly upgrades that have to keep getting bought every year, technical support costs and, training costs, just to name a few.

PX4 challenge you to assess how your tenements are currently being managed. Assess whether the current way of doing things mitigates against the chance of human error, loosing tenement management team members, provides you with your needs, such as lead time to critical events, and whether you can afford to continue to operate with those same practices into the future. 


To choose the right technology for your company, it is important to be informed of available technology by widening your lenses of what to look for.  Not only does the data management of your tenements need to meet your needs and requirements, but the initial cost of the software, ongoing software costs (upgrades, technical support, etc) – data migration, training, and user support, and provider responsiveness to any issues, all needs to be identified and compared in the evaluation of your digital transformation journey.

PX4 welcomes any comparison against our competitors and work with you to identify your needs.  A software trial of PX4 will enable you to identify some real changes, address any fears connected with the new software and show you how easy the system is to navigate. Changes to your workflow, possibly even changes to roles within your team as you free up some of that time that has been spent in managing your data. 


Digital transformation means change which can be uncomfortable for many people.  Mapping out that journey, what needs to happen for you to get there is important.  It may be a contained impact within your company, or there may be a large number of stakeholders who need to have their priorities considered in the process.  Your chosen software provider should be willing and able to accommodate your timeline, data, and system requirements according to your priorities.  

PX4 will work with you towards your priorities, taking into consideration your timelines, your data migration needs, what data migration solutions we can provide, configure your system to meet your needs and requirements, ensuring that all stakeholder requirements are met.


Monitor your timelines on implementation to ensure that agreed terms are being met by your provider.  Ensure any training needed for the product is provided early in the implementation phase, and that the technical support provided is timely and effective.  Remember, the way a provider starts providing service to you may be the continuing story, so if it’s not good from the start then service guidelines need to be reassessed. 

At PX4, we understand the difficulties and complexities in changing from old systems and ingrained ways of doing things.  PX4 will assess and support your organisation to migrate legacy data from your old systems, leaving spreadsheets, outdated and overpriced software products behind seamlessly – eliminating risks and downtime for your tenement management function.

How PX4 is driving digital transformation

PX4 is tenement management software designed for tenement managers to keep track of the tenements and titles under their care. But that isn’t innovative…

Our innovation comes from our moving away from the traditional ‘spreadsheet’ solution, and into a graphic and visually driven user interface that is intuitive. We have created an agile and flexible solution – that allows our customers to directly impact the evolution of the product, by identifying key business needs that need solving.

Effortless Reporting

You will be surprised when you realise how many hours a day you will save with instant Project Reports, Obligation Reports, and the ability to distill down to critical information for specific management or stakeholder queries. 

Digital Accountability

Easily assign actions (or reassign if need be!) to individuals in your team and keep them accountable. As a leader, you can also see all upcoming actions for your team so you can stay on top of deliverables. Sleep easier knowing that our software will do all the thinking for you.

Complete Traceability

Trying to figure out who made that last edit in that excel file 3 years ago? And what was there before the change? With PX4 every tenement update and action is meticulously tracked in an audit log, so when you need to confirm what has happened, you can find and track it with ease.

Overnight Health Check 

Each night, our automated tool checks does a systems check to ensure we are offering a seamless and smooth experience to you when you log in each morning.

Let us drive technological change for your organisation

With PX4, you can take the first step towards the digital transformation of your business operations. Get in touch now and let us assist you to assess, identify, prioritise and implement the tenement management software solution of the future into your organisation.

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