Embracing a modern, NSW-specific tenement management platform – PX4

Aurelia Metals is a growing polymetallic mining and exploration company. Aurelia owns and operates three underground mines and processing facilities in New South Wales (NSW) and has an enviable portfolio of organic growth prospects in the region.  

The Company’s exploration team manage its highly prospective tenement holdings. To advance exploration and evaluation activities, they required a system designed specifically for operation and compliance in NSW. 

The team had previously used Excel spreadsheets to manage their tenement obligations and statutory actions. While adequate, to ensure the seamless handover of tenement obligations within the team and succession planning within the company, the exploration team sought PX4 software.

Jurisdictionally Specific for New South Wales

NSW is a challenging jurisdiction for tenement management. With PX4, the team at Aurelia Metals were able to adopt a solution that automatically generated all the required actions for each tenement in their portfolio – specific and relevant to NSW.

Moreover, all the terminology, information captured, actions required, and data generated within Aurelia’s PX4 environment are specific and relevant to operating in NSW. If the exploration team (or indeed any stakeholder within Aurelia) have other internal obligations that are required, they can also generate custom actions within PX4 to ensure that timely reminders are issued to the relevant party so nothing is missed. 

The team also can re-assign actions when staff are on leave or are out of action for longer periods of time. With PX4 the team can transfer the responsibilities of the tenement management at the touch of a button. 

Moreover, PX4’ cloud-based system allows the entire team to access and manage tenure compliance issues from anywhere through an accessible and secure web portal.

“PX4 allowed us to move away from Excel spreadsheets and be confident all our requirements were centralised in one online program.”
Todd McGilvery – Exploration Manager

Implementing a Plan for Tenement Succession

Ensuring knowledge, understanding, and key data for the Aurelia tenement portfolio was available to the broader team was a critical requirement. Aurelia wanted to ensure if anything happened to their tenement management team (sick leave, staff moving on, etc) there was a simple and complete handover of responsibilities available.

All necessary information, data and complete history of tenure are at the team’s fingertips. The team can run reports in seconds to see what compliance actions are coming up. The entire organisation has access to expenditure data and key documents relevant to each tenement and more within an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

“We were impressed with how intuitive and easy to use the PX4 system has been, and are happy that the whole Exploration team now has easy access to all the tenement data and obligations.”
Katrina Virgoe – Tenement Manager

The Benefits

By switching from Excel to PX4, Aurelia Metals have experienced:

  1. Mitigation of key risks;
  2. Confidence in a well-implemented succession plan;
  3. Significant time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders;
  4. Access to critical data for the entire organisation; and
  5. Increased productivity through operating via a cloud-based, intuitive system.

In need of a safer, risk-adverse, and modern solution to your tenement management?

Change is always hard, and moving to a new system or a new way of doing things is always a tricky decision – even more so when you have been doing the same thing for years. Even if something has NOT yet gone wrong, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better, more suitable solutions out there that will increase efficiency, improve visibility and access to data, and mitigate key company risk.  

PX4 will reduce time spent on administrative tasks, eliminate key risks in tenement management, and in no time, you will wonder why you didn’t switch to a fit-for-purpose solution sooner!

To learn more about how PX4 can automate, streamline, and dramatically improve your tenement management processes – reach out today!

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