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Unparalleled Tenement Management Compliance Software for Senegal

PX4: Where Compliance Meets Versatility in Senegal

PX4 is versatile and multijurisdictional licence and permit management software, encompassing the diverse regulatory requirements of Senegal. The Ministry of Industry and Mines is the primary regulatory authority within Senegal, which provides stakeholders with a myriad of valuable resources. In covering the unique regulatory obligations of the Senegalese resources landscape, PX4 offers an intuitive and innovative licence and permit management experience.

PX4 Makes Compliance Easy

PX4’s Senegal Solution

In Senegal, PX4 is your comprehensive solution for managing a wide range of resource authority types and their regulatory compliance requirements.
Authority Type Abbreviation Category Status
Generic Licence No Expiry GEN Mineral or Coal Live
Generic Licence Expiry GEN Mineral or Coal Live
Generic Licence Extension GEN Mineral or Coal Live
Research Permit RP Mineral or Coal Live
Mining Lease ML Mineral or Coal Live

Navigating Senegal’s Resource Regulations with Confidence

PX4 stands as a stalwart ally of licence and permit managers and mining companies operating in Senegal. With PX4’s expansive and up-to-date knowledge of Senegal’s intricate regulatory landscape, it acts like a compass on a complex regulatory journey. By meticulously encompassing relevant regulations and compliance requirements, PX4 provides all of its users, experienced and novice alike, with a system that navigates you safely through Senegal’s resources regulations. Detailed and extensive regulatory obligations embedded as workflows streamline often burdensome compliance requirements.

Moreover, PX4 doesn’t stop at mere compliance. A comprehensive set of reporting tools enables many others to see and use licence and permit data in a multitude of ways, elevating the efficiency and reliability of licence and permit management across Senegal.

As an important part of compliance in Senegal, PX4 commends industry-specific associations and peak advocacy bodies that champion different aspects of the resource sector. PX4’s membership of peak resource industry bodies, where present, ensures PX4 remains highly responsive to regulatory compliance updates and changes, providing a comprehensive and current compliance solution for Senegal resource authorities.

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When Regulations Change, PX4 Evolves

Regulatory Amendments Accommodated by PX4

In a dynamic regulatory environment staying compliant is paramount. PX4 embraces this challenge with ongoing pathway amendments to ensure our solution responds rapidly to regulatory changes. We’re your dependable partner in tenement compliance, guaranteeing that you are equipped to meet today’s and tomorrow’s compliance requirements with confidence.
Legislation Current Link
Mining Code - Law No. (Act No. 27/2016) 2016-32 of 08 November 2016 30 Oct 16 https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=391e4079-1151-458a-845c-a8aa3eab9839
Act No. 27/2016 on the Mining Code dated 30 October 2016, enacting the 2016 Code; 2016 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16472
Act No. 2022-17 relative to local content in the mining sector; 2017 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16473
Decree 2017-459, implementing Act No. 2016-32 on the Mining Code; 2017 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16474
Act No. 2003-36, dated 24 November 2003, enacting the 2003 Code; and its implementation Decrees including Decree No. 2004-647, dated 17 May 2004, implementing the Mining Code (these acts are replaced by Act No. 2016-32 but are still applicable to mining rights issued before its abrogation in accordance with the stability principle); 2016 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16475
Decree No. 2021-622 related to organisation of Ministry of Mines and Geology; 2021 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16476
Act No. 2020-31 of 6 November 2020 creating the National Mining Company of Senegal (SOMISEN); 2020 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16477
Decree No. 2020-791 of 29 March 2020 relating to the Register of effective owners 2020 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16478
Regulation No. 18/2003/CM/WAEMU, dated 22 December 2003, enacting the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) Mining Code; 0 2003 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16479
Environmental Code, Act No. 2001-01 of 15 January 2001 (currently under an amendment process); 2001 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16480
Act No. 2004-06 of 6 February 2004 on Investment Code (currently under an amendment process); 2004 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16481
Tax Code, Act No. 2012-31 of 31 December 2012 and its further amendments; 2012 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16482
OHADA Uniform Acts on business law including, the Uniform Act of OHADA3 relating to general commercial law, dated 15 December 2010, the Uniform Act of OHADA on commercial companies and economic interested group dated 30 January 2014 and the Uniform Act on securities dated 15 December 2012 2012 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16483
Act No. 2018-25, dated 12 November 2018, enacting the Forest Code and its implementing decree, dated 16 January 2019; and 2019 https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16484
The exchange regulations in force in the member countries of WAEMU. https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/comparison/759/10195/16440-16447-16456-16461-16465-16485
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