Is obtaining Land Access in Queensland becoming too strenuous?

In Queensland, mineral and energy resources cannot be owned by individuals or companies,irrespective of whether or not they own the land on which the resources lie. It is the Queensland Government that owns and manages these resources for the profit and enhancement of the community. Queensland’s land access laws constitute distinct requirements depending on the impact of the authorised activities being conducted under any particular resource authority.

The Land Access framework clearly states that a resource company cannot enter restricted land without the written consent of a landholder, and must submit an entry notice before trying to enter a landholder’s property to undertake ‘preliminary activities’ which are further defined as activities that will have no or low impact on the landholder’s business or land use. A resource company is also required to submit an entry notice before seeking to cross or gain entry to private land outside the area of the resource authority and enter into an access agreement. 

It is a statutory requirement for an exploration company when exploring on private land to serve a hardcopy of the written entry notice to the landholder as well as the occupier, if applicable, at least 10 business days before entry. Failing to serve this notice will result in not having access to the authority. 

But to be able to serve an entry notice, companies require details such as the name and a valid postal address of the landholder. Obtaining these details can often be a tedious task especially when the landholder does not live on the land. The absence of this essential information can hinder entry into the land and affect the desired activities of the company, pushing back development and project timeframes. From our experience in the industry and from discussions with other companies and tenement managers, we understand that accessing contact details and landholder addresses is a task that is becoming more and more burdensome for those involved in serving entry notices. Not only is it difficult, but it is also an expensive exercise to carry out. 

Managing Entry Notices with PX4

Ideally, an entry notice is required to include full details of the land proposed to be entered, the period during which the land is to be entered, the activities proposed to be carried out on the land, and when and where the activities will be carried out, along with the resource authority holder’s contact details or those of their representative. Recording, maintaining, and managing these details can now be made easier with the use of PX4

With its efficiently designed interface, PX4 helps tenement managers and exploration companies manage entry notices and renewals, ensuring that they don’t miss out on valuable land access, operational time, or exploration opportunities. PX4 is also fully equipped to help manage land parcels, landholders, and occupier details, acting as a database of all the details you need to serve a fully compliant entry notice. 

PX4 is a business technology designed to ensure that automation and efficient operation allows for key efficiencies to be obtained. Amongst other high-value features, the software can help store important details, retrieve them with ease, and allow users to view all necessary information in one place. Get in touch with us for a FREE demo and see for yourself how you can save time, effort, and money with PX4.  

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