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Aeris Resources is mid-tier base and precious metals producer and explorer in Australia, with operations across Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales and an advanced project in Victoria. Aeris’ portfolio covers base and precious metals, with a strong focus across the organisation in copper and gold. 

The site exploration managers across the Aeris operations were using multiple Excel spreadsheets to manage their assets and mining obligations across the four separate jurisdictions. There was no centralisation of information, limited data accessibility and no real ability for succession planning when key staff required extended time off work. The team were also conscious of the key risks in managing tenements on Excel and the potential for missing key deadlines and dates.

Aeris were seeking to use a modern and graphic tenement management tool that could be maintained in head office and accessed on site as required. 

A Shift from Compliance to Strategic Direction

The Aeris team were searching for a solution that would allow site exploration managers access to all key tenement information (expenditure requirements, relinquishment obligations, etc) whilst allowing for a more strategic implementation and plan to be executed by key tenement managers internally. 

With PX4, the Aeris team were able to have a visual and accessible platform for site exploration managers, tenement managers based at headquarters, and their external consultants access to the same information. 

By putting the key data into the hands of internal stakeholders (rather than having to request that information from consultants) – this allowed for better internal decision making and a reduced reliance on external consultants for status updates on specific tenements.  

PX4’s cloud-based system allows the Aeris team to access and manage tenure compliance issues from wherever they are located through an accessible and secure web portal. At the touch of a button all necessary information, data and complete history of all tenure is at the team’s fingertips. 

This shift in focus for key internal tenement managers meant a better ability to make strategic decisions on the future projects and a clearer vision of the future. 

With PX4’s Project console, and specifically the capture and visualisation of pre-and post-NROLA project expenditure, the Queensland-based Aeris stakeholders are better able to predict, manage and report on their project expenditure. Moreover, with PX4’ graphic metrics, the team are able to download their expenditure reports in seconds – rather than completing departmental spreadsheets. 

PX4 is designed to make compliance easy – and the Aeris team have experienced these benefits across their entire tenement portfolio. 

Scalability Across all Australian Operations & Site Accessible

With tenure across multiple jurisdictions in Australia, the Aeris team required a solution that was scalable across the entirety of their holdings. 

Many of our competitor’s products purport to be multi-jurisdictional – allowing users to operate effectively across any Australian state or territory. 

PX4 is the only tenement management solution available that has the legislation of each jurisdiction embedded within the software – ensuring that our customers have the capability to operate across state lines without needing prior experience in that jurisdiction, and without having to create or customise the actions in any way. 

Moreover, the PX4 team track and monitor all legislative changes that occur across each jurisdiction across Australia. PX4’s experienced tenement managers monitor all legislative change that impacts tenement management obligations, and updates all their workflows to reflect up to date legislation at all times. 

This eliminates the need for the Aeris team to have to edit, update or modify the workflows that track their obligations – ensuring the team can focus on completing their required actions. 

“I have worked on lots of tenement management tools, and nothing has been as intuitive or easy to use as PX4”. 
Tracey Harris – Tenement Manager

What Aeris obtained with PX4 was a specifically designed tool that allows them to manage their tenement obligations across multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, the Aeris site exploration managers are able to access the PX4 platform from site and view their projects and individual key tenements with ease. 

Why Aeris Chose PX4

The team at Aeris chose PX4 because it is the only software package that allows companies like theirs with assets based across different jurisdictions to manage their tenements efficiently and effectively. 

The cloud-based operating system means that staff can access the key data when working out of the office, and all aspects of the organisation have visibility into the key data available within PX4.

Given the size and complexity of the Aeris portfolio, there was also a desire to have ongoing consultant input and assistance. With PX4 the Aeris team are able to invite their consultants directly into their PX4 environment, and their consultants can complete actions, save evidence of compliance and update details as required. 

The complete audit trail within each tenement and each project allow the Aeris team to have full visibility across who has done what within their environment – providing complete accountability and traceability of all changes made within the system. 

“We saw PX4 as the only viable option for Aeris Resources, as our national assets could be managed in an intuitive, cloud-based solution.” 
Brad Cox – General Manager of Geology

The intuitive nature of the PX4 platform meant that the team at Aeris had no downtime in implementing the system – with Teams-based expert sessions with a product expert the only training required to get the team up to speed. 

The Benefits

By switching from Excel to PX4, the Aeris team experienced:

  1. A scalable solution that could be implemented across their Australian portfolio;
  2. Significant time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders;
  3. The ability for site exploration managers to oversee critical requirements;
  4. Accessibility into their environment for consultants to continue to assist; and
  5. Increased productivity of key staff, through operating a cloud-based and intuitive system.

Sick of Excel Spreadsheets and Outdated Software?

The grass really is greener. Adoption of new technology can be a challenging or daunting decision to make – especially for something as important as tenement management. But adopting a modern, intuitive and fit-for-purpose solution can radically improve the way your tenure is managed – and provide periphery benefits to the broader organisation! 

To learn more about how PX4 can automate, streamline and dramatically improve your tenement management processes – reach out today!

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