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An Objections Module for the Western Australia, Mining Act 1978 (WA).

WA Objections management made easy…

The PX4 team has developed a bespoke Objections management solution for Western Australia. We love a challenge, so we spent nearly 12 months developing a product that makes Objections management easy.

The PX4 team is immensely proud and very excited to have released such a comprehensive and clever solution into the Western Australian market.

The Objections Module features, among other things:
  • Management and delegation capabilities via the Administration Portal
  • Management of Objections-related lists via the Administration Portal
  • Daily data updates pulled from MTO (our Tenement Gateway), which automatically compares data already in PX4 (Department Audit)
  • The ability to record company-held (portfolio) and third-party tenements
  • Complete and track pre-Objection assessments
  • A GIS link to TENGRAPH showing overlapping tenement boundaries
  • Management of outgoing and incoming Objections
  • Detailed tracking of Warden’s Court hearings
  • In-system standard and the ability to tailor grounds for objection
  • The creation and storage of standard forms for Letter of Service and Affidavit of Service
  • The ability to assign and re-assign tasks to internal officers and other stakeholders
  • Store and link any number of documents
  • Store, link and track Agreements and any terms and conditions
  • New user-managed, dynamic, lists for Assessments, Hearings and Objections
  • New reporting functionality
  • Push notifications
  • Task escalation
  • Objections-related metrics
  • The ability to add a comment against any record
  • And much more besides…

The list goes on...

But best of all is that just like the rest of PX4 you can link everything to everything else – a one-stop shop.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Objections Module, we’d be more than happy to have a chat.

If you’re not familiar with PX4, schedule a demonstration and we’ll show you what it looks like and what it can do. Intuitive, robust, comprehensive and efficient are just a few words to describe the PX4 line of products but check it out for yourself.
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Find out more about the Objections Module and how to add it to your PX4 package

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