PX4 and the journey toward innovation-led businesses

Working towards change

Progress is impossible without change. And it is now, with greater reason, that mining and exploration companies need to innovate, owing to recent developments like modern work practices and the digitalisation of operations. 

Even though innovation has been on the agenda of most mining companies, the process of integrating innovation with core business operations continues to prove challenging. This is mainly because traditionally mining companies are structured for stability, rather than being designed to adopt change and benefit from it. 

So why begin now? In the past two years, a number of factors have converged, driving businesses to embrace innovation and align their operations with digital practices. 

1. COVID-19 forced the world to embrace digital and remote work practices, changing the world of business for good.

2. Mining companies will need to innovate within their core processes if they are to decarbonize in line with ESG goals.

3. It’s much easier to fund innovation while commodity prices are high and the industry is benefiting from the supercycle.

Source: Deloitte.com 

Digital transformation offers extensive opportunities. The shift from disconnected physical systems and technology to integrated data-driven ones provides channels to leverage data for enhanced decision-making and ease of operations. This change might also open the door to a new generation of fresh talent and resources, resulting in more agile mining organisations.

Embracing the change – change management at its best 

As professionals in the process and deployment of complex projects, PX4 draws from the wealth of experience of its directors, which shapes the positive experience that clients have when working with implementing PX4 within their organisational environment. 

From the automatic onboarding of publicly available tenement data, the PX4 environment is delivered to a client with the tank full and engine ready, the keys handed over ready to use. The focus on streamlining the onboarding process has also led PX4 management to engage with government departments to seek out opportunities to offer added convenience to its users. 

Users of PX4 Software also benefit invisibly from all other users. This is because enhancements to the system based on feedback and suggestions from any user, once deployed, are immediately delivered as a value-added benefit to all subscribed users. 

Internally, the product team works collaboratively using modern software development and communication tools to reduce friction, with a strong encouragement on asynchronous communication. A strong culture of collaboration, transparency, and support are key elements to driving innovation from all members of the team. 

Working remotely? PX4 can help 

PX4 is the perfect tool to enable remote work. With its MFA secured sign-on access and logs of all changes made to the system, it helps keep a track of activity, no matter where you are. 

Demonstrating the benefits of the software, the entire development team works as smaller pods working very closely on specific modules, with a blend of teams working from home and at workspaces together. 

In the future, PX4 looks forward to delivering a fully offline-enabled mobile application, which again will be guided by strong client involvement and customisation. 

If your business is struggling to make the digital transition or experiencing challenges in adapting to the new remote working environment, we can help. Click below to learn more. 

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