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Authority Lifecycle Management Icon

Authority Lifecycle Management

Our automated workflow guides and prompts you through the lifecycle of your authority (tenement); advising you on actions you need to take and when you need to take them.

Email Notifications

You will receive automated daily email reminders prompting you to address actions due that day, overdue actions, and to notify you of upcoming actions.

Project Status Icon

Project Status

Through our Project Status feature, we track your expenditure, work program, and relinquishments across all your projects. This information can help you understand where your approved project can offset your obligations against other exploration permits in the project.

Audit & Comment Logs

Our software keeps a reportable audit log of all changes made to your data. You can also add comments and diary notes against every lifecycle stage of an authority (tenement). We aim to support your corporate risk and compliance obligations by ensuring you have an audit trail that can easily be analysed and pulled into a report.

Action Management Icon

Action Management

Our software automatically creates future actions and reminders based on your authority (tenement)’s lifecycle status. We capture your legal obligations at each lifecycle stage and remind you to fulfil them.

Using our Action Management feature, you can also add and manage your own actions.

Multi-Jurisdiction Ready

PX4 Resources is an automated workflow software that is tailored for each state: drawing upon that state’s legislation and using the terminology used by the regulators, clients, and stakeholders in that state.

PX4 Resources has been tailored for both Queensland and Western Australia, with the remaining Australian states catered for in subsequent software updates. Contact us to discuss your needs and potentially influence our development roadmap.

Native Title Management

We record and track your native title obligations based on the Commonwealth Native Title Act and registered Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA) established between native title holders and companies.

Regular Software Updates

Your subscription includes regular, automated software updates. These updates capture any state legislative changes, and any feature enhancements we identify will improve your experience of the software.

Stakeholder & Contact Management

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature records the contact details and relationship to your authority (tenement) for your stakeholders and employees.

Secure Cloud Hosting

PX4 Resources is cloud-based giving you simplified and secure access from anywhere, on any device, without the cost or worry about managing IT infrastructure.

Alternatively, if you are interested in hosting PX4 Resources yourself, please contact us for our enterprise service offering.

Work Program & Expenditure Tracking

You can capture your actual expenditure and activity against an exploration permit and track this against the commitments, making it easy for you to report.

We are ready for NROLA (Natural Resources and Other Legislation Amendments Act 2019).

Visual Dashboard

You can see your current status, upcoming actions, and outstanding actions by using our Visual Dashboard feature. In a single glance, you are given a snapshot of your authorities (tenements)’s status including what actions you need to complete to secure any authorities (tenements), or to manage your legal compliance.

Land Access Management

We track your land access obligations and advise you of your timing for entry notice renewals, so you can access land parcels without any delays.

Relinquishment Management

We track the committed reduction of sub-blocks across your exploration permit and remind you when reports are due.

We are ready for NROLA (Natural Resources and Other Legislation Amendments Act 2019 (QLD).

Workload Forecasting

Your monthly workload is forecast based on your upcoming authority (tenement) actions.

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