PX4 is changing the mining approvals management game, one update at a time.

At PX4, we know the mining industry is constantly innovating, is always looking to continuously improve and is ever watchful for tools, systems and technology that make life easier, reduce cost and mitigate risk. At PX4 we go all out to ensure our product is regularly updated to address changing requirements and to help our clients optimise their processes. 

Our recent efforts have resulted in two significant updates to PX4  over the past two months. These releases have lots of new features and useful enhancements and we’ve listed some highlights below. 

Authorities, Entities, and Land Parcels 

  1. For Authorities that are past their expiry date but are still active due to an application to convert to a higher form of tenure, or Authorities subject to a pending renewal application and now past their expiry date, the next set of future repeating actions will now be automatically generated. This allows a User to see all  (and address all) obligations whilst these applications are being processed. 
  1. We have added a new bulk ARCHIVE button on the Authority List page. This allows you to archive multiple Authorities at the same time. Actions for archived Authorities do not appear in Daily Digest emails or on the Dashboard. 
  1. Additional fields added to the Authority Summary Download are:

• Other Holders besides the Principal Holder  

• Extended Authority Type name. 

  1. The drop-down field of Land Parcels on the Included Land Parcel page only displays those Land Parcels in the same jurisdiction as the Authority. Also, you can no longer duplicate a Land Parcel already added to PX4. 
  1. You can now search for records in any entity via Search Entity on the Main Menu. This will take you to the console page for the selected item. 
  1. The new Authority Landholders Download allows you to download a spreadsheet of all linked landholder/land parcels including contact details and comments for each selected Authority or multiple selected Authorities. 
  1. The Comment History card appearing on all Console pages for all entities shows all comments made against the entity. There is a new Add Comment button that will you to quickly add a comment against that entity. 

Companies and People 

  1. For those users registered under more than one company, you can now easily switch between subscriptions without having to log out and log back into the other company. There is a drop-down for you to choose the company. 
  1. Subscribers are now categorised as either Organisation, Individual or Multiple Individuals. Existing subscribers will default to the category ‘Organisation’. 

Filters just got Smarter

  1. We have now added the ability to filter Actions for Payment Only actions on the Actions List page. 
  1. We have introduced ‘sticky’ filters on all entity list pages. When filtering the lists, the filters will remain until you clear them, even when you navigate away from the list. 
  1. We have made amendments to the Filter options for Actions. You can now: 

• Filter by Jurisdiction  

• Filter by Entity Type.


  1. With the new update, you can now amend the commitment year-end date for each year of the term: 

• Each commitment year-end date is pre-calculated based on the initial year-end date.   

• You can now amend the year-end date per year when creating the commitment schedule as well as via the detail page

  1. The creation of commitment schedules also now applies to part-year terms, if applicable.

Your Security is our Priority

The latest update comes with improved Account Verification and Password Reset emails. 

In the latest version, we have implemented security upgrades as recommended per our regular Security and Penetration Testing conducted by an independent security company. 

Pathway Enhancements 

Hey, WA! 

  1. If you’re a PX4 user in WA, you can now manually create a WA Miscellaneous Licence and a WA General Purpose Lease that can be ‘linked’ to the life cycle of an exploration or mining tenement, which means they don’t require a renewal application. Through the ‘link’, when the exploration or mining tenement has its expiry date extended, the WA ‘L’ or WA ‘G’ repeating actions will be automatically created to match the linked tenement’s new expiry date. 
  1. WA Authorities that are manually created can now be managed using ‘parallel processing’ or ‘concurrent processing’ in respect of public notification and native title during the application process.  

PX4 goes international, again!

We’re thrilled and proud in equal measure to have released our new Alaska solution, customised to the regulatory requirements of the Alaskan Mining Industry.

Our Alaskan platform is now ready for use with the following Authority Types:

a. State Mining Claim
b. State Mining Claim (Leasehold Location)
c. State Mining Claim (Select Only)
d. Upland Mining Lease (exploration)
e. Mining Use Licence for Exploration
f. Water Use Licence
g. Fish Habitat Permit
h. Federal Mining Claim – Lode Claim
i. Federal Mining Claim – Lode Claim (National Park)
j. Federal Mining Claim – Millsite Claim
k. Federal Mining Claim – Placer Claim
l. Federal Mining Claim – Placer Claim (National Park)
m. Federal Mining Claim – Tunnel Site.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think of these latest updates and always welcome any feedback, good and bad, about your experience with PX4.

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