PX4 is proud to be a part of AMEC

The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) works across a wide range of legislative, regulatory, policy, and community issues to ensure that our industry is strongly represented. It is the leading body for Australia’s mineral exploration and mining industry, representing over 400 member companies from all around Australia. With the largest and most diverse membership in the resource industry, AMEC has proven influence and credibility to create positive change for the industry.

PX4 as a member of AMEC 

“For PX4, staying at the forefront of mining and exploration is critical, and AMEC’s presence and influence online and in person across Australia makes this a natural association for us to be associated with.” – Toby Carrigan

The whole team at PX4 Software are excited to be joining AMEC as a service provider to the mining and exploration industry. As a tenement management software company, we support the mining and exploration industries with a product that is revolutionising tenement management. 

While AMEC represents explorers, miners, and businesses, and assists them in overcoming the issues they face, PX4 aims to support the association’s efforts by contributing to the technological development of the industry. 

If you are a fellow member of AMEC and looking to embrace the tenement management solution for the future, we’d be thrilled to show you some of the key features and benefits of PX4

“By aligning with AMEC, PX4 is joining a network of explorers, miners, and developers that are a vital part of the Queensland and Australian mining industries. “We look forward to engaging with this community and seeing how PX4 can contribute to such an influential industry body”- Bill Haylock

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