PX4 is now live in New South Wales!

PX4 is Australia’s fastest-growing, multi-jurisdictional Tenement Management system. We are already supporting tenement managers to handle large portfolios of tenements in Queensland, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory, saving hours each day in the generation of complex reports, providing critical information across organisations, and mitigating against critical company risk with complex tenement management. 

After months of hard work, PX4 now supports all NSW authority types. Offering Tenement & Exploration Managers based in New South Wales a software solution engineered from ground up for operation in New South Wales.

With features designed for better collaboration for tenement managers and your broader organisation, such as comments, assigning actions to team members, daily activity reports, and team leader reports, PX4 is the solution tenement managers have been waiting for. 

Learn how PX4 can assist your organisation to mitigate against the risk of missing key statutory actions, save time and money and finally make tenement management SEXY

Discover more at https://px4software.com

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