PX4 is now live in Victoria!

We are stoked to announce that our multi-jurisdictional product continues to expand to cover key Australian jurisdictions for both mining and exploration. Going live in Victoria means that PX4 is now available across the ENTIRE Australian mainland. We are currently finalising the exploration license for Tasmania and are excited to be the first tenement management solution to have the legislation of every single Australian jurisdiction specifically embedded within our platform! 

Though most tenement management software packages claim to be multi-jurisdictional, how many of them truly are? PX4 is designed with the legislation of targeted jurisdictions specifically embedded into complex workflows that drive our product. Therefore, clients find that PX4 can be used for managing mining and exploration tenements across the country with ease while having the capability to operate across state lines without necessarily having prior experience in that jurisdiction. 

Crossing borders and exploring territories has now taken us to Namibia, where we’re collaborating with an experienced local consultancy to develop a country-specific solution packed with all the amazing features that PX4 has to offer.

Next stop, Alaska! 

Stay tuned as we navigate our way into the Alaskan market with an unmatched product that gives our clients the perfect solution to their tenement management needs. 

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