PX4′ new features make tenement management easier than ever

For those who are familiar with our team at PX4 Software, you know that we’re always looking to improve our customers’ tenement management experience. And for those of you who haven’t been introduced to us yet, here’s your chance to find out how our product PX4, helps Tenement Managers track and manage their assets quickly and efficiently. 

We’ve had another great month at PX4 Software, releasing new updates designed to ensure the work process is made even easier and freeing up time for other important activities. Here’s an overview of the amazing new additions. 

Say hello to automatic onboarding 

Does the thought of switching from other tenement management tools or your Excel spreadsheet seem like a daunting process? PX4 has good news for Tenement Managers and administrators in Western Australia. Our new Automatic Onboarding tool imports all your tenement data from the Mines Department’s database. Having this feature as a part of PX4 ensures that your data is reliable and up to date. It also negates the costs and risks of migrating data from existing systems, giving you an effortless and seamless onboarding experience. We are working to provide similar functionality to other jurisdictions soon!  

Don’t miss weekend notifications anymore

PX4 is built with a robust Action Management system that automatically creates future actions and reminders based on your authority lifecycle status. Your legal obligations are captured at each lifecycle stage, and notifications are sent out to remind you to fulfill them.  

While this highly complex Action Management system keeps Tenement Managers on top of deadlines, in most jurisdictions it is essential that compliance actions are submitted prior to a weekend deadline, or they are deemed late by the Department of Mines. PX4 easily identifies all your upcoming weekend deadlines, to gain a true picture of when all your required actions fall due. 

Export project reports with ease

Another valuable feature of PX4 is the Project Status feature, which helps you track and offset expenditure, relinquishments, and work programs across your projects. It also allows you to apply bulk rules to your project, so you aren’t wasting time changing each individual tenement one at a time. This feature is designed to give Tenement Managers a multi-year view of their project, helping to capture the big picture. 

To add to the benefits of this popular feature, the latest upgrade now comes with the option to export project status reports to Excel, saving hours of time and a great deal of effort. Instant exports also mean that it is easier to present or submit these reports in an orderly manner. 

Excited to try out the new features? You can get a first-hand experience of these incredible features as a part of your current PX4 subscription. 

Not subscribed to PX4 yet? Here’s your chance to grab a quick product demo today! Click on the link below to sign up for an exclusive demo of PX4, or get in touch with us to learn more about how you can benefit from our product.

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