PX4 – Tackling the notoriously complex NSW jurisdiction


Helix Resources is a mineral exploration company focused on the development of several major projects in Central New South Wales. Mike Rosenstreich and the exploration team manage a small portfolio of important tenements and required a system that was designed specifically for operational utility and to monitor compliance in NSW.

The team had previously used Excel spreadsheets to manage their tenement obligations, to ensure they never missed any key statutory actions. This approach had worked in the past – but Mike was interested in seeing whether a modern and intuitive alternative existed which could be accessed across the organisation.

Specifically Designed for Operation in New South Wales

New South Wales is a notoriously complex and challenging jurisdiction for tenement management, with many tenements still in existence under acts that are no longer in force, and a huge array of tenement types.

With PX4, the team at Helix was able to eliminate the risk of missing key statutory actions for their tenement portfolio, as each relevant authority type in their portfolio has been specifically created within our system. All ‘required actions’ to remain compliant in NSW are created automatically by PX4 and then sent to the relevant team member for completion.

Being able to assign the various actions to the relevant party internally at Helix also ensures that everyone who is required to complete tasks is sent daily reminders and notifications to stay on top of the various statutory actions required.

We are confident that this is the first time that each authority type in NSW has been specifically embedded within a modern tenement management platform (and it wasn’t easy!) – but this allows our valued clients to rest a bit easier.

“PX4 has been built specifically for operation in New South Wales, which is what made is so attractive to the team at Helix Resources”
Gordon Barnes – Exploration Manager

Moreover, PX4’ cloud-based system allows the team to access and manage tenure compliance issues from anywhere through an accessible and secure web portal.

Access to Critical Data for the Whole Organisation

The entire team at Helix was interested in a cloud-based system that could be accessed by not just the tenement management team, but also by geologists, the finance department, and corporate management as well – and they found this in PX4. Our system is designed specifically to be accessed and utilised across the entire organisation – eliminating bottlenecks for information, and ensuring that key tenement data, expenditure history, application status, relevant documents, relinquishment, and all tenement information, as well as Landholder engagement and rehabilitation data, is available for all staff who need it.

All necessary information, data, and complete history of tenure are at the team’s fingertips. They can run reports in seconds to see what compliance actions are coming up, and the entire organisation has access to expenditure data, key documents relevant to each tenement, and more – all within our graphic and easy-to-navigate dashboard.

“The PX4 system has been really easy to implement, and is intuitive and easy to access by all of our staff who require access to Helix’s tenement data.”
/Mike Rosenstreich – Managing Director*

The Benefits

By switching from Excel to PX4, Helix Resources has experienced:

  1. A scalable solution that continues to grow as their tenement portfolio increases;
  2. Significant time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders;
  3. Mitigation of key risk thanks to the NSW-specific actions and authorities;
  4. The ability of an external consultant to oversee critical requirements;
  5. Access to critical data for the entire organisation (not just the tenement manager!); and
  6. Increased productivity of key staff, through operating a cloud-based and intuitive system.

Sick of Managing Multiple Excel Spreadsheets?

The grass really is greener on this side. Changing to a new system can be a daunting decision – especially for critical functions that have been completed in Excel for years. But moving to a modern, intuitive platform like PX4 will reduce time spent on administrative time, eliminate key risk in tenement management, and in no time, you will wonder why you didn’t switch to a fit-for-purpose solution sooner!

To learn more about how PX4 can automate, streamline, and dramatically improve your tenement management processes – reach out today!

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