"On learning about how easy it is to add new workflows, I am sure that this system will be able to offer any level of complex functionality for any industry. I look forward to staying updated for future improvements to the PX4 System and learning more about its future use cases."

Jagannadh Parupudi

Lead Member of Technical Staff, SalesForce

“As a technology savvy, commercial real estate industry expert, I can appreciate how PX4 has solved the key problems of converting complex legal requirements into adaptable business workflows. I could see how our own data, which revolves around stakeholders, renewals, and a constant set of actions, can easily be adapted with PX4 systems, and across the different countries in which global companies operate. Excellent work!”

Siddharth Srinivas

CBRE India, Assistant General Manager

"Using PX4 Resources means I now get to click a button and see all actions generated in seconds—an hour saved in my day to devote to helping my clients rather than working through administration tedium."

Kathleen Gillis

Tenement Manager at Ardent Group

"If you fail to meet your tenement obligations under legislation, your most critical asset is at risk. PX4 Resources forecasts and reminds me of the actions I need to take to meet those obligations and be NROLA compliant. Highly recommended for any Tenement Manager."

Richard Smith

Tenement Manager with 30+ years experience