The Technological Revolution in the Australian Mining Industry – PX4 has you covered!

Mining in Australia has always been an important primary sector industry that serves as a significant contributor to the Australian economy. The industry provides employment, export income, and royalty payments that continue to keep Australia at the forefront of mining globally. In the past, mining booms have also encouraged population growth through immigration, particularly during the gold rushes of the 1850s.

Recently, the Australian Government has added mining occupations to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) to address the shortage of local skills in the resources sector. This addition aims to mark a turning point in Australia’s skills crisis, paving the way for approximately 33,000 resources industry workers in the Western Australia labour market over the next two years. 

A flexible, functional, and effective skilled migration framework is more important than ever so that relevant skills are available for and applied to projects and opportunities across the industry. The role of skilled migration in accessing specialist and technical skills for the mining industry will be crucial. This also means that businesses will be forced to quickly adjust to this change and be fully prepared to welcome a new workforce. Though it sounds fairly straightforward, this can be a daunting task for many businesses, especially for SMEs that are an essential part of the mining industry. 

A clear roadmap from the government will provide the business community with certainty and confidence to plan for future investment and employment opportunities. But, this is still an arduous process and will require companies to think more strategically about how to improve efficiency. 

Businesses must now turn to technology

At this stage, businesses are expected to be prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is said to already be underway. This includes being willing to accept technological reforms and tools to aid in the increase of competency and productivity. If your business has not commenced the path to digitisation, you are almost certainly behind the pack. Studies show that businesses that haven’t adopted a technological approach yet, might soon become extinct. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Exploring technology and its various applications and benefits presents a ton of invaluable opportunities that can be seen from the very beginning of your digital revolution.

For the mining and exploration industry, PX4 serves as the technological bridge that businesses need to be able to crossover to a more economical, profitable, and conducive way of working. Our tool helps businesses, especially SMEs, automate their major operational processes to convert their business into a tech-savvy, future-proof enterprise, that is equipped to take on current, expected, as well as unprecedented challenges with ease. 

PX4 helps tenement managers with every aspect of operations with unique features like authority lifecycle management, exploration project status tracking, action management, native title management, stakeholder & contact management, work program & expenditure tracking, land access management, relinquishment management, and workload forecasting along with land access and environmental commitments as well. 

If this read has sparked the urge for you or your business to go digital and to adopt technological reforms, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to take you through a FREE DEMO of PX4

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