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PX4's Magic Minutes: Exploring the Communications Module

In this episode of PX4’s Magic Minutes, we dive into the newly released communications module. This module allows users to add communication records, link them to relevant stakeholders and entities within PX4.  

PX4 in Alaska - Must-watch Interview with Mining Now

Our in house superstars, Bill and Toby’s charm radiates on an international level at this interesting interview with Mining Now! Watch them in action while they talk about mining in Alaska and across the US, as well as the PX4 solution.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Dashboard

Welcome to PX4 Magic Minutes. Take a quick look at our PX4 Homepage where you can browse through and update the status of your actions, get a workload preview, review upcoming actions, and do a whole lot more all in one place.

PX4 Magic Minutes - New Features on the Dashboard

Check out the latest updates to the PX4 Dashboard. Now add Entities and Actions from within any page on PX4 with the Add Button. Explore this and other cool features on PX4’s new and improved dashboard.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Actions Console, Filtering and Workflows

In this video, learn how to filter through large numbers of Actions, bulk deal with them in various ways, and generate necessary reports with ease.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Completed and Pending Actions

Back on the PX4 Action Console, we now take a look at filtering actions by status and due date to easily create your own filter that displays a more manageable list.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Authority Console, Filtering and Bulk Actions

Welcome to the Authority Console. Tenements, even international ones, managed by PX4 can be narrowed down using the Jurisdiction filter. Once filtered, you can add bespoke actions and bulk-handle selected tenements in multiple ways.

PX4 Magic Minutes - The Alaska Console

PX4 goes international yet again with our Alaskan solution. Here we are on the State Mining Claim in Alaska where you will notice that the terminology, actions created by the system and the overall information are customised to be Alaskan claims specific. This is a great example to demonstrate just how easily you can create bespoke actions throughout your claims as well.

PX4 Magic Minutes - The Namibia Console

Another international solution, the Authority Console for Namibia captures and displays information that is jurisdictionally accurate and specific to Namibia. Every card that you see and actions displayed, are visible, accessible and relevant to a Namibian EPL.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Project Console, NROLA

Let us take you through a project with multiple tenements where data such as blocks, relinquishments, actions, and expenditures are all displayed in powerful graphics, with the option of easy-to-download reports.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Completing an Action

There are very few instances in a workday that can compare to the satisfaction of completing an Action. Here we take you through the process of marking Actions as complete and adding associations to them.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Admin Portal, Adding and Inviting Users

Welcome to the Administration Portal in the PX4 environment. Here we show you how to create groups, invite existing users into your environment, and add new users as well.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Admin Portal, Master Change Log

The Master Change Log on the Admin Portal is essentially an audit trail of every single action within your PX4 environment. With great filtering functionality, it works as a powerful tracking and traceability tool.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Agreements, Types of Agreement

The PX4 system captures various types of Agreements. In this video, we take you through the types that you can choose from while creating an Agreement. Each of these categories has specific workflows associated with them.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Agreements, Console and Cards

Let’s take a closer look at the Agreements Console and all the cards it has to offer. Click through on any of the hyperlinks to see all the Agreements data neatly laid out on easy-to-comprehend cards on the console.

PX4 Magic Minutes - Actions Console, Report Types

Here’s your guide to all the key Report types on the Actions Console. Filter, bulk select, and bulk deal with Actions to generate easy-to-comprehend reports that not only give you an insight into what’s coming up but are also a hit at management meetings.

PX4, Magic Minutes - Succession Planning

Succession planning couldn’t be easier! Don’t worry anymore about employees leaving the company or going on vacation. You can now simply filter tasks, bulk-select them, and bulk-reassign them to anyone on the team, making them in charge of tasks across various parameters.

PX4, Magic Minutes - Audit Log

Taking the Authority Console on a WA Mining Lease as an example, we show you an amazingly helpful audit tool that logs every change EVER made to each specific tenement, noting what changes were made, who made them, and when. This helps employees across the organisation track everything against a tenement for the lifetime of the tenement.

PX4, Magic Minutes - Document Library Functionality

Take a quick look at some of the Document Library Functionality that we have developed over the last few months. Browse for files or simply drag and drop to add files to the library, and associate them with any entity within PX4. You can also download files to your computer with the click of a button.

PX4, Magic Minutes - Create Agreement

This video takes you through the Agreements Console and how to create an agreement using the add option. You can choose the type of Agreement you’d like to create and fill in every relevant detail before you save it. It then promptly appears on the Agreements Console for easy viewing.

PX4, Magic Minutes - Help & Support

We’re back on the PX4 Dashboard to take a look at the 24/7 Help & Support that PX4 provides. Through our interactive chat, we make sure that we’re always available whenever you need us.
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