Bill's valuable insights

In this insightful podcast, Bill Haylock, the Managing Director and Chairman of PX Four Software, takes us on a journey through the history of PX4. The genesis of PX4 can be traced back to 1988, during a mining boom in Australia when Bill, overwhelmed with mining claims, developed the first piece of software to manage tenements.

Fast forward to 2017, Donna Gaffney, PX4’s Product Director, and Bill decided to rebuild the software on a new platform to embrace the cloud.

Despite a challenging 4.5-year development phase, PX4 emerged as a sophisticated and robust tenement management solution. Toby Carrigan, who joined later, played a crucial role in leading PX4 to its current booming status. Today, PX4 stands as a team of 30, structured to deliver excellence in tenement management. The podcast sheds light on the dedication, evolution, and collaborative effort behind PX4’s success.

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