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A Modern Tenement Management Solution

Compliance made easy

Everything we do makes compliance, and your work life easier.

PX4 is underpinned by scripted, simple-to-follow workflows that match the specific regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction you are operating in. Our innovative and intuitive solution is live across all of Australia – no mean feat let us tell you!

We’ve also covered the regulatory requirements for the majority of the tenements issued in Namibia and for various claims (State and Federal) in Alaska.

Our system provides key notifications, updates and visibility into all of your obligations – in a graphic, modern and visual interface (forget that clunky Excel™ spreadsheet, or Access™ database system).

PX4 works anywhere – if a jurisdiction’s mining industry operates under a regulatory system of any type, we can map and script it! 

427 Project Completed

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862 world wide client

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More than 100 company project

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More than $5 M raised capital

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PX4’s unique recipe

In delivering an exceptional Package we collaborate with you throughout the development process.

Mining or Exploration Company?

The PX4 advantage includes:

  • All relevant tenement, project and agreement data is visible, easy to locate and accessible to the whole organisation
  • All actions are automatically generated – simply step through the workflows and the rest is done for you
  • Audit tracking
  • Use the workload graphs for workforce and resource planning
  • Invite your consultant into your environment (if you utilise external consultants to assist in day-to-day tenement management)
  • Cloud-based solution (accessible from any device with a browser session)
  • Succession planning of your tenement management – reducing a serious corporate risk due to staff turnover (or document corruption!)
  • Regulatory changes to workflows maintained by PX4.
Tenement Management Consultancy?

The PX4 advantage includes:

  • Intuitive workflows for tenement management
  • A tenement management solution built by experienced tenement managers
  • Jurisdictionally specific actions and workflows
  • Simple to create reports for clients
  • Reduced administration time
  • Team collaboration & coordination through information sharing
  • Easily reassign tasks and view staff capacity
  • Cloud-based solution (no need to access web servers or be in the office)
  • Legislation maintained by PX4
  • Regulatory changes to workflows maintained by PX4. 
Wait there’s more (MUCH more!)

The PX4 advantage also includes:

  • Record and track disturbance and rehabilitation activities
  • Manage work programs, mine plans, and all ancillary mining or exploration obligations
  • Track expenditure (NROLA compliant in Queensland), rent, fee and security payments
  • Visual snapshots to quickly view your obligations
  • Daily or weekly to-do lists specific to each user
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Record and link all key stakeholders and contacts into your environment (and link directly to tenements / agreements / projects)
  • Relinquishment schedule management.

How do we develop PX4?

PX4 has developed our unique workflow engine that drives our modern software solution. Behind the PX4 software sits a highly capable team of long-standing tenement management professionals, legal professionals, software developers and software programmers.

We have been around mining, exploration and oil and gas legislation for a very long time, and this knowledge and experience are applied across all four PX4 aspects of our development:

The first step in our product development is to create detailed process maps of the legislative requirements of a specific tenement type, from pre-application, through the grant phase and then through to the end of that application. To do this we compile a comprehensive library of relevant statutory material, including:
  • Regulation
  • Policy
  • Guidelines
  • Codes.
We use this information to map each specific regulatory action against each tenement type. This provides us with the black and the white of the legislation. We then ensure our understanding is confirmed by experts in that jurisdiction and liaise closely with government departments and regulatory bodies in that jurisdiction. This ensures we also capture the ‘grey’ areas (hugely important in the process), to ensure that our workflows align with how the acts are specifically implemented in that new jurisdiction.
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Real Cost Savings of up to 35%

We have done the calculations using the feedback from tenement managers already using the software, and the time savings are immense. These savings filter down to all other core functions.

Strategy Over Administration

PX4 Resources provides you the ability to plan, work efficiently, reduce your risks and gives you back your competitive advantage in operating strategically to get authorities granted.

From Application to Rehabilitation

Tenement management solutions to track past reports, current status, upcoming actions, and outstanding actions with automatic reminders based on your authority lifecycle status.

Truly Multi Jurisdictional

A platform that is tailor made with each jurisdiction’s specific legislation and terminology embedded within the platform – no more manual workarounds required.

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