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PX4 Pricing Model

Our flexible pricing structure makes PX4 an affordable solution and suited to companies of all sizes, from junior explorers with a small portfolio of tenements, all the way to large consultancies or mining companies with thousands of tenements under management.

PX4 is licenced on a SaaS model – with the option to pay monthly or annually. There are no set up or installation costs and no ongoing maintenance or update costs (we maintain and update the system constantly and monitor regulatory updates to ensure our system is always current). There are also no additional training fees to get your team up to speed.

If you are moving from a legacy system and bringing over a wealth of historic data (that is not publicly available – including comments, notes, documents, contacts, and the like), we may charge a one-off fee to develop a one-time script to pull through all of your historic information into PX4. Let us know if this is something you are interested in exploring! If you have a lot of data that doesn’t lend itself to automatic onboarding, we can assist with that at excellent hourly or daily rates.

Included in your PX4 subscription as standard:




Land Parcels


Document Library

There are four criteria we use to determine the annual licence fee PX4

Number of Administrators / Editors

PX4 provides unlimited Viewer access into the system for your whole organisation, but Editors' use of the system is tracked and auditable, so these stakeholders are charged for use.

Communication Editors – if you have people in your team that only need ‘editor’ access to PX4's Communication Module and will have ‘viewer’ access to the remainder of PX4, this is provided at a reduced rate.  

Number of Jurisdictions

As our system is designed specifically for operation in each jurisdiction, the more jurisdictions you are operating in, the higher the licence fee. Our team also monitor for regulatory changes in all jurisdictions and update existing workflows when required. This means you’ll always be operating using current regulation - and we will ensure we communicate all these changes to you.

Number of Tenements

PX4 is a scalable solution, and the number of tenements will influence the licence fee (from 1-20, 21-50, 51-100 and so on).

We also have pricing models for instances where you may not want to use the tenement management aspects of PX4. Lots of our clients also get a lot of value from other PX4 Modules, using it as a cloud-based and graphic solution for storing documents, agreements, and stakeholder communications.

Optional modules

Optional modules include our Objections Module and Agreements Module

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If we don’t have a solution for your jurisdiction, we can build it!

What’s the cost of a new jurisdiction?

We’re always looking to expand PX4’s value and reach into new jurisdictions. Typically, we first have some detailed discussions with you about what you’re after and undertake our own preliminary regulatory research before we map and script a new jurisdiction.

The cost of a new jurisdiction depends on the number of authorities (tenements, licences, permits, claims and so on) to be mapped. However, the benefit of paying for the mapping/scripting is that the cost includes the annual licence fee for 2 years and still includes all the standard benefits.

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