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Automated workflow software, delivering cost savings of up to 35%

PX4 Resources is more than just a solution

PX4 Resources is the next generation Tenement Management Software. It is an intuitive platform that strategically, efficiently and effectively streamlines your tenement management, allowing you to focus on business-transforming projects.

Screenshot of PX4 Resources - the best tenement management software for mining and exploration
Authority Console

PX4 Resources allows you to see all the critical information for each authority in an elegant and intuitive console.

Projects View

What used to take a week to compile manually can now be viewed instantly: a projects level view with brilliant graphs, summary tables and easy to export Project Summary files.

Multi Jurisdictional Actions

Our custom PX4 engine comes programmed with all the statutory actions needed for each jurisdiction, so you can get started across multiple jurisdictions immediately.

Cloud Based

A 100% cloud based software means that you can access the system from anywhere, on any device. This gives you more time and flexibility to spend on tasks that really matter.

Scheduling & Forecasting

Plan your work more efficiently, with features such as a Workload graph to see weeks ahead, and the ability to set up actions and snooze them to manage your work better.


Need to send your clients reports? You can now download them instantly! Including all commonly used reports such as the Obligations Report, Project Summaries, and even custom Action lists. Don’t waste time generating them manually anymore.

Why Choose PX4 Resources

Because our solution gets you, and your resources, back to your core business – exploration and mining. Stop fighting with your legacy system!

Exploration Drill used in Australia Mining Projects

Real Cost Savings of up to 35%

We have done the calculations (and yes, it’s measurable) using the feedback from tenement managers already using the software, and the time savings are immense. These savings filter down to all other core functions.

From Application to Rehabilitation

Tenement management solutions to track past reports, current status, upcoming actions, and outstanding actions with automatic reminders based on your authority lifecycle status.

Strategy Over Administration

PX4 Resources provides you the ability to plan, work efficiently, reduce your risks and gives you back your competitive advantage in operating strategically to get authorities granted.

Truly Multi Jurisdictional

A platform that is tailor made with each jurisdiction’s specific legislation and terminology embedded within the platform – no more manual workarounds required.

Check Out These Useful Tips

Did you know? In Western Australia, under the Interpretation Act 1984 (WA) if your submission date falls on a weekend or public holiday, it can be submitted on the first business day after that date. See Section 61 of the Act.

Check Out These Useful Tips

For Annual Activity Reports in Queensland, you don’t need to repeat information from the previous year if it hasn’t changed – just refer to the report that full details on the subject were given.

Check Out These Useful Tips

In Western Australia, you can avoid a notice of Intention to Forfeit by making sure your Operations Report (Form 5) is lodged within the required period.

Manage Your Tenements With Ease

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Hetherington shares their experience with PX4 Resources

Hetherington specialise in tenement management, resources, planning and environmental approvals and compliance in the Queensland mining and exploration industries. They were on the lookout to find a more flexible, innovative and modern tenement management solution. This led to discussions and an eventual partnership with PX4 Resources – which has the Queensland legislation embedded into the platform, making it jurisdiction-specific and far more aligned to Hetherington’s needs. 

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say

Feedback from these happy customers helps us reach new heights everyday.

"Even with a small number of tenements to manage our team are able to see the value, power and versatility of the PX4 Resources interface. This is an intuitive and modern approach to tenement management that will certainly reduce time spent on administration."

Rob Johansen

Director – The Adamelia Group

"As a small, newly formed exploration company we have found PX4’s software invaluable in assisting us to effectively apply for exploration tenements and allowing our small team to concentrate on generating exploration success. We look forward to building our partnership with PX4 and incorporating more of their management tools as our company grows."

Jack Murday

Director – Operations Manager, Aozora Minerals

"On learning about how easy it is to add new workflows, I am sure that this system will be able to offer any level of complex functionality for any industry. I look forward to staying updated for future improvements to the PX4 System and learning more about its future use cases."

Jagannadh Parupudi

Lead Member of Technical Staff, SalesForce

“By switching to PX4 Resources for tenement management, it has allowed us the opportunity to work more efficiently by utilising the ability to use the internet-based software on the go. We look forward to implementing more of their tools into our everyday work routine.”

Caitlin Mahoney

Hetherington Exploration & Mining Title Services (QLD) Pty Ltd

“As a technology savvy, commercial real estate industry expert, I can appreciate how PX4 has solved the key problems of converting complex legal requirements into adaptable business workflows. I could see how our own data, which revolves around stakeholders, renewals, and a constant set of actions, can easily be adapted with PX4 systems, and across the different countries in which global companies operate. Excellent work!”

Siddharth Srinivas

CBRE India, Assistant General Manager

“PX4 Resources is the first and only truly multi-jurisdictional product, with the specific legislation and terminology embedded within the user environment for each individual state.”

Kathleen Gillis

Tenement Manager at Ardent Group

"If you fail to meet your tenement obligations under legislation, your most critical asset is at risk. PX4 Resources forecasts and reminds me of the actions I need to take to meet those obligations and be NROLA compliant. Highly recommended for any Tenement Manager."

Richard Smith

Tenement Manager with 30+ years experience

What does PX4 stand for?

PX4 Resources is an automated workflow software. It is named after the four elements that make up the automated workflow.


Compliant processes linking and coordinating management actions from the cradle to the grave.


Business specific pathways, including alternatives, guiding customers to successful and secure outcomes.


Hosted on a custom-built platform of common inter-dependent modules forming the engine driving the host application.


Forming a configurable package of pre-requisite software components for a variety of business processes and industries.

The People Behind PX4

Bill has been involved in the resources industry for more than 40 years. He started Queensland’s first exploration and mining tenement management business in the ‘80s. Over the years it developed into a diversified resource project approvals and management consultancy.

Bill Haylock

The People Behind PX4

Donna has been developing and supporting software in both the private and government sectors for over 30 years. During the last 10 years, she has focused on resource-based industry software products, including Australian mining compliance.

Donna Gaffney

The People Behind PX4

With experience working as a lawyer, accountant and cycling tour guide, Toby brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the PX4 team. As the Business Manager, Toby will play an active role in shaping company operations and fast-tracking company growth and expansion.

Toby Carrigan

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Convert time to money with PX4 Resources

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