Everything we do makes compliance, and your work life easier

Tenement Management Software

Your mining and exploration tenements
in the most modern and intuitive platform on the market

The only jurisdictionally specific solution – where there’s a mining industry, PX4 is the tool of choice
Cloud based and secure – accessible on any device with a browser
Workflow-based software – delivering real time savings of up to 35%
The Best Tenement Management Software On The Market

PX4, more than just a solution

PX4 is the next generation of Tenement Management Software. It is an intuitive platform that efficiently and effectively streamlines tenement management into a series of simple to follow workflows. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that our system will step you through every regulatory obligation needed to comply with your requirements in each jurisdiction you are operating in. Whether you work for a Company or a Consultancy, if you have tenements that need managing, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Vision is to ensure that everything we do makes compliance, and your work life easier.

Our Mission is to create intuitive and innovative compliance software that improves the way you live and work.

PX4’s unique recipe

Delivering an exceptional package we collaborate with you throughout the development process.



Our team of experts map regulatory obligations into detailed process flows.


An online environment for robust testing by industry experts, ensuring all process flows align exactly with regulatory obligations.


Process flows are transformed into automated and intuitive workflows in the PX4 workflow engine.


A bundle of tools, modules and licence specifications to align with individual company needs.

PX4 is your one-stop solution

PX4 is the most intuitive, innovative and modern tenement management tool on the market. It’s challenging to summarise all our system’s benefits, but here are a few highlights.

Projects View

PX4 Magic Minutes - Project Console, NROLA
A Project level view with brilliant graphs, summary tables and easy-to-export Project summary files. What may be taking you way too long to compile, is updated in real time by PX4.

Cloud Based

PX4 is as mobile as you are. A 100% cloud-based solution means you can access the system from anywhere, on any device.


Need to send a report to clients or prepare an obligation report for a management meeting? You can download a report at the touch of a button within PX4.

Jurisdictionally Specific Actions

Our custom PX4 engine can accommodate any jurisdiction’s specific regulatory obligations – and this is something that we pride ourselves on. PX4 is live, available and ready to rock and roll across all of Australia – with the specific terminology, requirements and actions of each jurisdiction embedded directly into our platform. We are also live across Namibia and Alaska – and have more exciting developments lined up for 2023 and beyond! Our ability to scale PX4 to any jurisdiction in combination with our collaborative approach means we work with you to develop the best solution possible for your organisation wherever your projects live.

Authority Console

PX4 Magic Minutes - Authority Console, Filtering and Bulk Actions
PX4 shows all critical information for each authority in an elegant, graphic and intuitive console.


PX4 provides its clients with unparalleled data, system and personnel security features. If security is your thing, check out our Security page.

Workload Forecasting

PX4 Magic Minutes - Actions Console, Filtering and Workflows
Work smarter, not harder. Manage your workload more efficiently with features such as the workload graphic, which enables you to have clear visibility into your workload over the coming months. A very handy workforce planning tool.

Invite your Consultant into your Environment

If you’re using the services of a third-party, you can invite them into your PX4 environment to manage your tenements using your system. This provides transparency and visibility of your key data, and ensures that your consultants can still manage your tenements day-to-day. You can also manage a heap of other related and non-related information (disturbance and rehabilitation activities / work programs / annual reports etc) using the same system at the same time. The best of both worlds.

The leading product in the mining and exploration industry
PX4 Software’s dedicated, professional and highly experienced team uses the power of the PX4 Engine to deliver the best possible solution for our clients.
Client Satisfaction Guaranteed
The PX4 Advantage

Tenement management, but not as you know it

Our pleasingly visual, cloud-based and intuitive solution provides many benefits, including:
  • A central hub to store and access all key tenement data for the whole organisation to see
  • Guided workflows and automatically-generated actions to maximise obligations compliance
  • Easy-to-comprehend dashboards
  • Audit tracking of every change made within your system
  • Management and tracking of rents, expenditure, rates, rehabilitation, payments and more
  • An Agreements Module to manage all agreement-related data
  • The ability to link a record to another record or multitude of records
  • Better collaboration and coordination of your team through shared knowledge.
We’re on constant lookout for any changes to regulations and if anything changes and has an impact on a workflow – we update our system – so that you don’t have to!

The Dirt from PX4

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Bill Haylock PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Bill has been involved in the resources sector for more than 40 years. He started Queensland’s first exploration and mining tenement management consultancy business in the ‘80s. Over the years the business has developed into a diversified resource project approvals and management consultancy, which includes PX4.
Bill Haylock
Chairman & Managing Director
Donna Gaffney PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Donna has been developing and providing technical software support in both the private and government sectors for over 30 years. During the last 10 years, she has focused on developing highly functional compliance software products for the resource industry. Donna’s vast experience, skill and problem solving are distilled into PX4.
Donna Gaffney
Product Director
Toby Carrigan PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Toby has worked as a lawyer, management consultant and cycling tour guide. He brings a unique set of skills to a unique and high-quality product in PX4. As PX4’s General Manager, Toby plays an active role in strategically, shaping and growing the company. His dedication to product excellence and to the service of PX4’s clients is unwavering.
Toby Carrigan
General Manager
Paul Eagleson PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Paul has clocked up nearly 30 years as a resources industry professional with experience in tenement management and many other facets of mining organisation. His tenement management experience spans 45 jurisdictions globally and includes system development, data integrity and auditing and acquisition and retention strategy.
Paul Eagleson
Operations Manager
Ryan Outen PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Ryan joins the team as the Business Development Manager after eight years in the Finance Industry. He's held various roles centred around relationship management, business acquisition and process improvement and is passionate about helping businesses solve problems and operate more efficiently. When he's not in the surf, Ryan is responsible for the progression of PX4 towards world domination, as well as ensuring all clients are making the most of our solution while receiving 5-star service.
Ryan Outen
Business Development Manager
Manveer Kaur Px4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Manveer is a critical thinker, skilled in recording and analysing data in a fast-paced environment. Manveer loves learning new concepts and skills and has the ability to understand new ideas and methods very quickly. Manveer holds not one, but two master's degrees: Master of Information Technology (Major in Software Design and Development) from Central Queensland University, Brisbane and Master of Science in Mathematics from Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner, India.
Manveer Kaur
Business Analyst
Liam Clayden-Brackin PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Liam is a research analyst at PX4 and is also studying a dual Bachelor of Economics and Arts degree at the University of Queensland majoring in finance, international relations and politics. He loves working with the tight-knit team at PX4 while exploring the complex world of mining and infrastructure software.
Liam Clayden Brackin
Research Analyst
Stephanie Jones PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Steph contributes over 10 years’ experience working in the Dental Industry. She spent many years priding herself on tender patient care while managing very reputable practices. Being a dedicated Mum of two, she takes pleasure bringing warmth to our Team and beloved Customers. Offering her diversity wherever needed, she is pleased to offer her compassion and efficiency to all.
Stephanie Jones
Customer Success Manager
Mac Feltham PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Mac is a Research Analyst for PX4 and studying a dual degree in Bachelor of Engineering and Commerce. He enjoys learning the inner workings of tenement management across all the jurisdictions that PX4 Software offers.
Mac Feltham
Research Analyst
Tonya Moore PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Tonya has 25 years’ experience in the resources sector utilizing her extensive tenement management, land access, cultural heritage, and native title process skills. Her experience in both government and private industry with the management of assets in multiple global jurisdictions has helped her gain knowledge of legislation, systems, processes, and local practices. Her experience and passion for exceptional tenement management and an effective tenement management system motivates her to apply her unique skills to mapping new global jurisdictions for PX4.
Tonya Moore
Process Mapper
Kat Wasiel PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Kat is a Senior Business Analyst who empowers people to escape mediocrity and ignite real business results by creating jurisdictionally specific workflows that clients love. With a background in Science, Engineering and Business, she writes and speaks about the technological transformation in the Mining and Exploration Industry to strengthen the company’s market position on a global scale. She inspires others to do work they’re proud of.
Kat Wasiel
Senior Business Analyst
Sarah Harris PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Sarah Harris is a qualified geologist and technical writer, with more than 18 years’ experience in the resources industry. Sarah has worked in all resource commodities across multiple jurisdictions in Australia, and holds a special interest in in tenure applications, maturation planning and overlapping tenure (pre- and post-MERCP Act). Sarah has recently mapped tenure maturation pathways within Australia, New Zealand and West Africa.She inspires others to do work they’re proud of.
Sarah Harris
Process Mapper
William Eagleson PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
William is a young research analyst at PX4. He is a keen learner and enjoys working alongside the devoted team at PX4 to increase his knowledge, experience, and workplace skills.
William Eagleson
Research Analyst
Leesha Nikam PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Leesha is currently majoring in Information Systems and Human Resources at the University of Queensland. She is a hardworking team player and is particular in her work. She loves working with the amazing team at PX4 and enjoys the variety of tasks that the role offers. She is cheerful, has a learning attitude and is keen on taking up new tasks.
Leesha Nikam
Administrative Assistant
Vihitha Gogula PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Vihitha is an enthusiastic Software Business Analyst with passion for leveraging technology to drive business growth. With over 9 years of experience in working various roles such as Programmer and Quality Assurance Specialist enhanced her skill to analyze complex systems and identify innovative solutions across multiple domains. She possesses strong communicable skills and a deep understanding of software development lifecycles that enables her to bridge the gap between stakeholders and development teams seamlessly.
Vihitha Gogula
Senior Business Analyst
Angela Plummer PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Angela has 20 years’ experience in the Mining & Resources industry, primarily in a Tenement Management & Consultancy role. Her experience includes acquisition and retention of ground, negotiations with affected parties including Native Title holders and claimants, private land and pastoral lease holders and representation of tenement holders in the Mining Warden’s Court. Most recently she has been managing tenements based in West Africa. She was also a business partner for a successful Mining Consultancy Company for several years.  She has 3 adult children and 2 fur babies who are the lights of her life and consume any downtime she has!
Angela Plummer
West Australian Operations Manager
Veerpal Kaur PX4 Team
The Expertise Behind PX4
Veerpal Kaur is a Software Manual Test Analyst with a proficient background in API testing and automation testing. Demonstrating a commitment to professional growth, she is currently expanding her expertise in the realm of cybersecurity through certifications. Throughout her career, Veerpal has delved into software applications, meticulously verifying their functionality and reliability to align with rigorous business standards. She is an ardent learner, consistently immersing herself in emerging technologies and methodologies which empower her to navigate dynamic landscapes, confidently addressing evolving challenges with strategic acumen and inventive solutions.
Veerpal Kaur
Software Test Engineer
Anne Marie PX4 Team Image
The Expertise Behind PX4
Anne-Marie comes to PX4 with over 30 years’ experience as an office manager in the Water Treatment Industry.  She enjoys keeping an office running smoothly and happily, so it can effectively support sales and operations within the business. Procedurally focused, she also enjoyed maintaining the company’s Quality Assurance and OHS systems. 
Office Manager

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say

PX4 has been built specifically for operation in New South Wales, which is what made it so attractive to the team at Helix Resources.
Gordon Barnes
Exploration Manager Helix Resources Limited
The whole team at Tri-Star absolutely loves PX4.
Wendy Fern
Regulatory Administrator
Switching to PX4 was an easy choice as it did not require any customisation to allow our company to operate multi-jurisdictionally, plus – we saved a lot of money!
Shelly Zhang
Director, Aurora Tenement Consulting
We needed a solution that allowed us to hit the ground running. With PX4 my team were able to operate the system with ease. Since switching platforms, our team has seen a productivity increase of at least 25%!
Claire Mackney
Owner, Avoca Tenement Consulting
We have been really impressed with the functionality of PX4, and love that we can invite our existing tenement consultant into that same environment
Dan Johnson
Chief Geologist & Executive Director Fetch Metals
We saw PX4 as the only viable option for Tri-Star, as our national assets could be managed in an intuitive, cloud-based solution
Sarah Harris
Land Access Manager
Even with a small number of tenements to manage our team are able to see the value, power and versatility of the PX4 interface. This is an intuitive and modern approach to tenement management that will certainly reduce time spent on administration.
Rob Johansen
Director – The Adamelia Group
As a small, newly formed exploration company we have found PX4’s software invaluable in assisting us to effectively apply for exploration tenements and allowing our small team to concentrate on generating exploration success. We look forward to building our partnership with PX4 and incorporating more of their management tools as our company grows.
Jack Murday
Director – Operations Manager, Aozora Minerals
By switching to PX4 for tenement management, has allowed us the opportunity to work more efficiently by utilising the ability to use the internet-based software on the go. We look forward to implementing more of their tools into our everyday work routine.
Caitlin Mahoney
Hetherington Exploration & Mining Title Services (QLD) Pty Ltd
If you fail to meet your tenement obligations under legislation, your most critical asset is at risk. PX4 forecasts and reminds me of the actions I need to take to meet those obligations and be NROLA compliant. Highly recommended for any Tenement Manager.
Richard Smith
Tenement Manager with 30+ years of experience
‘PX4 has completely transformed the way we oversee our land assets through their personalized built jurisdictions and their adaptability. The real-time scripting and industry insights they offer have improved our obligation tracking process from application to issuance. With this software, we've gained greater control and precision in our land management, resulting in confident risk management and enhanced overall productivity. It has become an indispensable tool for our organization, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to elevate their land management practices.
Claire Sebald
Communities and Land Lead, NewRange Copper Nickel 
” If you fail to meet your tenement obligations under legislation, your most critical asset is at risk. PX4 forecasts and reminds me of the actions I need to take to meet those obligations and be NROLA compliant. Highly recommended for any Tenement Manager.”

Richard Smith

Tenement Manager with 30+ years of experience
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