Consume More Energy to Reach Net Zero

Yes, you read this article’s title correctly. We still need to produce essentials like food and shelter for a growing human population which requires an increase in energy consumption, but it’s the emissions that need to reach zero.  

How do we achieve this?

It’s natural to discuss the opportunity cost of choosing a clean technology over one that emits more greenhouse gases.

This cost is called the Green Premium.  

But what’s less recognised are the critical minerals that are required to make breakthroughs in energy and climate change.

Critical Minerals

According to Geoscience Australia, a critical mineral is an element with two characteristics:

1.      Essential for the functioning of our modern technologies, economies, or national security including mobile phones, laptops, aerospace, and medical applications.

2.      There is a risk that its supply chains could be disrupted by events such as pandemics and natural disasters.

What can you do to help?

Pick which product paths – with scale, will become low green-premium products now and in the future towards net zero by 2050.

But I want efficiency and effectiveness now!

Visit PX4 to manage your current workflows – from Native Title Processes to Geothermal Permit Compliance to ensure a cleaner and greener now.


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