Sweet Life of Mine

Since last month’s edition of Studio Sessions, I’ve successfully managed to prevent serious burnout with the help of PX4’s beautiful user interface to script jurisdictionally specific workflows for West Africa and U.S. clients. We are expanding. It’s exciting and our system sure beats staring at Excel all day.  

Well, almost. 

You see, I convert legal processes from an Excel spreadsheet into PX4 that’s driven by a powerful and intuitive engine that drives jurisdictional workflows so clients (and I) can sleep at night. After these often complex and lengthy pathways are simplified, scripted, and tested, clients then receive up to 35% of their precious time back. We’ve had the gains independently audited and if you look below, you’ll see that mining activities begin with the exploration and the evaluation of an area of interest. If the exploration and evaluation is successful, a mine can be developed, and commercial mining production can commence. 

And it just so happens that the AusIMM’s Life of Mine Conference held this week in Brisbane is centred around one key focus – commodities the world needs to decarbonise and sustainably grow. One of these commodities includes copper. With a geology background, it’s no surprise that I love the mineral Malachite that shines a brilliant green just below the surface to indicate the imminent change in subsurface stratigraphy right above target ore. This mineral pigment was also used as Cleopatra’s eyeshadow to ward off eye infections so she could unite the powers of Egypt and Rome with her husband, Mark Antony in 30. BC. But this historical fun fact about Malachite isn’t the only indication of change.  

Does it sound like I’m going in circles? 

I sure hope so, because upon preparing for the conference, I happened to read the proceedings for the 3-day event and came across “The Role of the Regulator in Promoting a Highly Reliable Mining Industry”. This section discussed the Victorian Government’s investment into improving the State’s regulations governing mine rehabilitation and closure through an Authority that not only oversees rehabilitation, but also creates a register of rehabilitated mine land that defines the controls to be implemented by the future landowners after closure.  

You see, the mines in Victoria are on private land yet require access to state resources to achieve good rehabilitation outcomes. This sets the baseline for integrated management of the end of the life cycle of a mine, but the key takeaway is the set of social goals of maintaining the economic well-being of impacted communities at a time of major transition away from thermal power generation. Therefore, the role of regulation in promoting a highly reliable mining industry is the embedding the circular economy into life-of-mine planning.  

So, I’ve given you the Victoria Government’s value proposition, but what’s ours? 

We listen, we understand, and we build with you throughout the entire lifecycle of a mine. Our modules capture data across all the five operational phases from exploration to closure. And because the team at PX4 regularly and thoroughly monitor and implement material regulatory changes from State and Federal Governments and Industry-led conferences, we update the workflows to reflect these changes in the system. That way, all the key approval steps are there ready in PX4 for your current and future project approvals.

Contact us to schedule a demo for the only jurisdictionally specific software with flair.  

 P.S. Office opening soon in WA.  

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