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Avoca Tenement Consulting is a tenement management consulting firm based in Mareeba, Queensland, with a history of personalised contact and a dedicated client base. Claire and her team are experts in managing tenements across QLD – with a particular focus in the North. Her business also operates across NSW and is looking to expand into other Australian jurisdictions.

Claire manages a small team but a large volume of tenure and had been using a QLD-based product prior to switching to PX4. There was a need for an intuitive and simple to adopt tool that could ensure the legislative and compliance requirements were accurately created for the life of the tenure she was managing.

A Modern Tenement Management Solution

Operating across several jurisdictions brings about a lot of additional complexity in tenement management. With Avoca’s influence expanding across QLD, NSW and with potential expansion plans into other jurisdictions, Claire required a software platform that could allow her to operate multi-jurisdictionally – with complete confidence in the system she was using.

Confidence in the system was key for Claire, as she could not afford to miss key compliance dates on behalf of her clients. Claire needed to be certain that the system was creating accurate actions, dates, timeframes, and reminders.

With PX4, we were able to eliminate the uncertainty of the legislative requirements, the key statutory compliance actions and the dates and timeframes that were being created by the system.

Claire also required a system that remained up to date with legislative changes and updates – without the hefty price tag that traditionally comes with maintaining that relevance. Claire had worked with several of our other competitors in the past that charge an arm and a leg for updates – even if they aren’t relevant to the jurisdiction in which you are operating.

“We needed a solution that allowed us to hit the ground running. With PX4 my team were able to operate the system with ease. Since switching platforms, our team has seen a productivity increase of at least 25%!” Claire Mackney – Owner

At PX4 – we provide critical software updates for all our users – free of charge. Not only does PX4 Software provide updates when there is a legislative amendment, but we are constantly developing, updating and evolving our solution based on user feedback from our clients.

The Need for an Intuitive and Accurate Platform

Given the size of Avoca’s tenement portfolio, Claire and the team wanted to move to a solution that was simple to use, provided key functionality and one that she could adopt without any downtime.

Claire saw a lot of value in the graphical and intuitive nature of PX4 – with a visual dashboard for key information, critical upcoming actions that was simple to monitor and a workload preview that allows her to predict peak periods within her organisation.

Traditionally Claire had been preparing reports for clients to show them what their obligations were and what actions were coming up that were relevant for them. Within PX4  Claire and her team can generate specific customer reports in seconds – saving them critical time and cutting down on the administrative requirements to streamline operations.

There was also no downtime in adopting PX4 as a new solution – Claire and her team were able to get fast and simple access (through the cloud-based system) and the intuitive nature of the platform allowed for a quick and easy transition from their legacy system.

The Benefits for Avoca

By switching from our competitor’s QLD-based product to PX4, Claire and the team at Avoca gained:

1. Complete confidence in the actions and dates created by the system;
2. Significant time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders of upcoming tasks;
3. Peace of mind knowing the software was built specifically for multi-jurisdictional use;
4. Increased productivity of key staff by up to 25%, through operating an intuitive solution and through key reporting functionality; and
5. Clear visibility and accessibility of critical data.

Looking for a Modern Approach to Tenement Management?

Look no further. The adoption and integration of PX4  into your organisation’s tenement management practices is simple and effective. We understand the hesitation in shifting platforms, but with tangible benefits like those that Claire and her team have experienced, the short-term pain will make for long-term results!

To learn more about how our software can automate, streamline and dramatically improve your tenement management processes – reach out today!


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