Capturing knowledge, IP and putting a succession plan in place with PX4 


Glencore is a well-known mining company in both the Australian and international mining industries. Glencore operates with siloed business units that are often in charge of individual assets or commodities. The Mount Isa Mines (MIM) entity manages Glencore’s major copper mine and surrounding operations in northern Queensland. 

Prior to adopting PX4, Shirley, Senior Tenement & Exploration Advisor at MIM Resource Development, like many others in the industry was utilising Excel spreadsheets to track MIM’s obligations and requirements across a dynamic and ever-changing tenement portfolio. 

Shirley has been the real source of truth for MIM’s tenement management for decades, but that will not always be the case. The MIM team were in need of a system that allowed Shirley to transition away from the role and create a new source of truth for the tenement management in Mt Isa.  

Implementing a Plan for Tenement Succession

Ensuring all the knowledge, understanding and key data for MIM’s tenement portfolio was captured and made available to the broader team was a critical requirement for Shirley and her team. 

Implementing a modern solution for tenement management was a critical component in ensuring as the tenement management team changed over time that there was a simple and complete handover of responsibilities and history available. 

All necessary information, data and a complete history of the tenure is at the team’s fingertips, along with copies of key documents and evidence of compliance actions being completed. The team can run reports in seconds to see what compliance actions are coming up, and there Is access to expenditure data and key documents relevant to each tenement available for the whole organisation, all within an easy to navigate dashboard.

The MIM team often work from Mt Isa, but they also require access to key information when not on-site. PX4’s cloud-based solution was a great solution for the team and provided them with the flexibility to work from wherever the team was based.

“I needed a system that could take over from me as the source of truth for our tenement management, and PX4 was a perfect solution for us.” 
Shirley Schultz – Senior Tenement & Exploration Advisor

A Secure & Modern Solution

Being a cloud-based solution, it was imperative that PX4 satisfied Glencore’s strict IT requirements for the MIM team to utilise our system. This required approval from three separate layers of Glencore IT, with the ultimate approval provided by Global IT. 

By working with Glencore’s IT teams and providing transparent and detailed information about PX4’s cyber security and data management policies, we were able to obtain approval for use across the Mt Isa asset. 

This means that Shirley and her team are able to access and utilise a modern and cloud-based solution, that provides access to key information and simple to follow workflows for remaining compliant across the QLD-based assets. 

The Benefits

By utilising PX4, the MIM team have experienced:

  1. Significant time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders;
  2. Confidence in a jurisdictionally specific solution;
  3. Access to critical data for the entire organisation; and
  4. Increased productivity of key staff, through operating a cloud-based and intuitive system.

Sick of Managing Multiple Excel Spreadsheets?

There is a better alternative. Adoption of a specifically built software platform can be a challenging decision to make – especially for something as important as tenement management. But moving to a modern, intuitive solution can radically improve the way your tenure is managed – and provide periphery benefits to the broader organisation! 

To learn more about how PX4 can automate, streamline and dramatically improve your tenement management processes – reach out today!

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