Consultants and a modern tenement management system – the best of both worlds with PX4

Consultants and a modern tenement management system – the best of both worlds with PX4


Savannah Goldfields (previously Laneway Resources) has recently transitioned from a junior gold exploration company to a gold producer with some exciting exploration prospects focussed around the Georgetown region of Far Northern Queensland. 

Historically the team at Savannah Goldfields have relied purely on external consultants for their tenement management requirements, and there was no desire to remove the expertise and service provided by their consultants. 

There was however a desire to improve the availability of data, and to manage key commercial and land access agreements within an intuitive and graphic system. 

This was the basis for the discussions with PX4. 

Many of our tenement management consultant clients are adapting to a modern world in which mining and exploration clients wish to have visibility of and access to their key information – rather than constantly requesting updates on certain elements of their portfolio. This was a key development that the team at Savannah Gold were keen to implement.   

More than just Tenement Management

The small and experienced team at Savannah were not looking to bring the day-to-day tenement management in-house. Working with an experienced consultant provided them with peace of mind and allowed them to focus more on the operational side of the business. 

What they did want however was access to that information, and the ability to link other key pieces of the puzzle to their tenure. The team wanted to be able to view all their tenure, and with PX4, their tenements were displayed visually, with all the critical information at their fingertips. 

The data stored within PX4 was up to date and managed by their tenement managers – with relevant documents saved in the system, actions completed and assistance provided with the more complex elements of the tenement process.

Moreover, the team also had the need to manage a multitude of commercial, land access and native title agreements. With the PX4 Agreements Module, the team were able to do just that. With specific workflows designed for both obtaining and managing those agreements, once again visibility and traceability were key. 

And how to actually save and view those key agreements? 

With PX4’s Document Library, any document can be saved and associated with other relevant entities within the system. 

For example, when saving a fully executed Land Access Agreement, not only can you associate that agreement with the tenement that it relates to (or multiple tenements!), but also to any relevant land parcel, project, stakeholder or contact saved within the system.  

For specific activities on the ground, the Savannah Gold team were also able to track their disturbance and rehabilitation activities within PX4. This allows for better visibility of obligations and again demonstrates that tenement management is one of many key components of the PX4 system.  

“Managing our agreement obligations and having a repository of key documents has been a huge improvement for our team – and moves us away from a reliance on paper files & email reminders.”
Cath Ranford – Senior Project Geologist

Strategic, Rather than Administrative Focus

Whilst the Savannah team does not want to manage the day-to-day tenement management obligations across their portfolio, the access PX4 provides to their data and visibility across their projects and broader operations allows for a more strategic focus. 

Clearly displayed longer-term obligations and commitments like CCA’s in addition to tenure renewals and expiry dates – being clearly visible within PX4 – allowing the team to better prepare for annual reports, expenditure reports and compliance activities that require more time to prepare. 

“For us, having full visibility of our data, without taking on the burden of managing our tenements day to day was important. Having our consultants in the same environment gives us a lot of peace of mind as well!” 
Scott Hall – COO & Exploration Manager 

The Benefits

By utilising PX4, the Savannah Goldfields team at experienced:

  1. Significant time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders;
  2. The ability for external consultants to manage day-to-day activities;
  3. Visibility of all commercial and land access agreements and their obligations; and
  4. Increased productivity of key staff, through operating a cloud-based and intuitive system.

Using Consultants and Looking for something more?

We are hearing more and more small and mid-tier exploration and mining companies wanting improved access to their tenement data. These clients may not want to manage the tenements themselves (at least day to day) – as the expertise and experience offered by consultants is a clear benefit to some – but improved visibility of this data is driving better and more efficient decision-making across many levels. 

To learn more about how PX4 can provide better data visibility – and how we can work with your consultants to improve the overall service, reach out and have a look at our solution today!

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