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Tri-Star Petroleum is a family-owned and operated multi-national company, with over 40 years of experience as an independent resources explorer, developer, and producer. Tri-Star’s tenure in Australia covers petroleum, base metals, and other natural resources – across Queensland, the Northern Territory, and South Australia. 

The growing land access team was using multiple Excel spreadsheets to manage their assets and mining obligations across the three separate jurisdictions. There was no centralisation of information, limited data accessibility, and no real ability for succession planning when key staff required extended time off work. The team was also conscious of the key risks in managing tenements on Excel and the potential for missing key deadlines and dates.

This need drove discussions with PX4 – whose multi-jurisdictional, cloud-based solution allowed the team to manage the Tri-Star tenement portfolio from across the country, and management to oversee the strategic direction of the tenement management on the same platform. 

A Cloud-Based Solution for the Whole Organisation

The Tri-Star team required a solution that would allow them to operate seamlessly from wherever the team was based. A cloud-based solution that was accessible from any device with an internet connection was a must for Tri-Star. 

PX4’ cloud-based system allows the Tri-Star team to access and manage tenure compliance issues from anywhere through an accessible and secure web portal. At the touch of a button all necessary information, data and complete history of all tenure are at the team’s fingertips. 

Of equal importance was that management is able to oversee Tri-Star’s compliance without having to oversee the day-to-day administration. With the ‘Action Reassign’ functionality and the different categories of users within the PX4 system, this is simple for the Tri-Star team.

The team has Administrators in their environment, which allows them to see all upcoming (automatically generated!) actions that the team must complete over the coming weeks and months. These actions are then able to be assigned to different team members so that each user is reminded of which actions are their responsibility. 

Scalability Across all Australian Operations

With tenure across multiple jurisdictions in Australia, the Tri-Star team required a solution that was scalable across the entirety of their holdings. 

Many of our competitor’s products purport to be multi-jurisdictional – allowing users to operate effectively across any Australian state or territory. We know this not to be so. 

PX4 is the only tenement management solution available that has the legislation of each jurisdiction embedded within the software – ensuring that our customers have the capability to operate across state lines without needing prior experience in that jurisdiction, and without having to create or customise the actions in any way.

“The whole team at Tri-Star absolutely loves PX4 .”
Wendy Fern – Regulatory Administrator

What Tri-Star obtained with PX4 was exactly that: a specifically designed tool that allows mining and exploration companies to manage their tenement obligations across multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, this scalability was built-in into the platform. It did not require any customisation by any of the Tri-Star team in any state – though this was certainly still possible!

The PX4 system walks each user through exactly what actions are required to remain compliant – in whatever jurisdiction they are operating in. No actions are missed, and there is no need to be an expert in a new jurisdiction, as the intelligent layer within PX4 walks the user through all the required steps in the tenement process.

Why Tri-Star Chose PX4

The team at Tri-Star chose PX4 because it is the only software package that allows companies with assets based across different jurisdictions to manage their tenements efficiently and effectively. 

The cloud-based operating system means that staff can access the key data when working out of the office, and all aspects of the organisation have visibility into the key data available within PX4.

Direct cost savings was another benefit of choosing PX4, with a clearly visible return on investment from the time saved in automated action generation, critical daily reminders, and the intuitive nature of the system.

“We saw PX4 as the only viable option for Tri-Star, as our national assets could be managed in an intuitive, cloud-based solution.”
Sarah Harris – Land Access Manager

The intuitive nature of the PX4 platform meant that the team at Tri-Star had no downtime in implementing the system – with Teams-based expert sessions with our product guru Donna the only training required to get the team up to speed. 

The Benefits

By switching from Excel to PX4, the whole team at Tri-Star Petroleum experienced:

  1. A scalable solution that could be implemented across their Australian operations;
  2. Significant time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders;
  3. The ability for administrators/managers to oversee critical requirements;
  4. Peace of mind knowing the software is built specifically for multi-jurisdictional use; and
  5. Increased productivity of key staff, through operating a cloud-based and intuitive system.

Sick of Managing Multiple Excel Spreadsheets?

There is a better alternative. Adoption of a specifically built software platform can be a challenging decision to make – especially for something as important as tenement management. But moving to a modern, intuitive solution can radically improve the way your tenure is managed – and provide periphery benefits to the broader organisation! 

To learn more about how PX4 can automate, streamline, and dramatically improve your tenement management processes – reach out today!

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