Revolutionising Tenement Management Across Guinea, Mali, and Senegal


Resolute Mining and its subsidiary companies are prominent gold producers, being an African-focused gold mining company, and having been actively involved in significant projects for over 30 years. Listed on both the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and headquartered out of London.

Resolute Mining operates multiple gold mines across Mali, Senegal and Guinea, contributing significantly to the local economies. The company has garnered attention for its emphasis on sustainable mining practices, community engagement, and adherence to environmental standards.

The team had been utilising a system that was not specifically designed for operation in West Africa – and did not consider any obligations or requirements such as varying legislation and compliance requirements for exploration or operation in those countries and jurisdictions. Whilst their experienced team were able to make do for many years – the option of a solution designed specifically for operation in West Africa was too good to pass up.

An African-Specific Solution

Mining in Africa is a captivating tale of resources abundance geological wonders, and economic potential, yet it unfolds against a backdrop of formidable challenges. This vast and diverse continent, home to some of the world’s richest mineral deposits, has seen a surge in mining activities that promise prosperity but are not devoid of issues. Geopolitical uncertainties, regulatory complexities, and socio-economic considerations add layers of intricacy to the mining saga.

For the team at Resolute (and for other African explorers), tracking and managing the various tenement types can be challenging.

The PX4 team have worked directly with the experienced land management team at Resolute to ensure that all the relevant information required for creating the relevant actions and workflows over the various jurisdictions is correct and maintained to include any legislative amendments.

Moreover, all the terminology, information captured, actions required, and data generated within Resolute’s PX4 environment is specific and relevant to operations in Guinea, Senegal, and Mali. If the exploration team (or indeed any stakeholder within Resolute) have other internal obligations that are required, they can also generate custom actions within PX4 to ensure that timely reminders are issued to the relevant party so that nothing is missed.

The team also can re-assign the various actions to members of the team when staff are on leave or are out of action for longer periods.

This just was not possible when the team were operating on a clunky and outdated system.
Moreover, PX4’s cloud-based system allows the entire team to access and manage compliance issues from anywhere through an accessible and secure web portal.

Tenement Management – but also much more!

Whilst the annual obligations for tenement management in Africa can be complex, there are several other key areas where the use of PX4 has benefited the Resolute team.

Management of Land Access Agreements and Joint Venture obligations across their sites are just two examples of key agreement types that the Resolute team can manage within the PX4 system.

With PX4’s Document Library, any document can be saved and associated with other relevant entities within the system. For example, when saving a fully executed Land Access Agreement, not only can you associate that agreement with the tenement that it relates to (or multiple tenements!), but also to any relevant land parcel, project, stakeholder, or contact saved within the system.

Within the Stakeholder or Contact entities, African explorers are also able to save discussions and conversations with landholders, native title/community groups and other commercial partners within a central database.

PX4 also tracks key required insurances, compensation agreements, royalty agreements and any other commercial obligation that is required for general operational compliance.

The Benefits

By switching from an outdated system to PX4, Resolute Mining has experienced:

  1. Mitigation of key risks thanks to the jurisdictional-specific actions and authorities;
  2. Confidence in a well-implemented succession plan;
  3. Critical time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders;
  4. Access to critical data for the entire organisation (not just the land manager!); and
  5. Increased productivity of key staff, through operating a cloud-based and intuitive system.

Looking for an alternative to Excel for your tenement management?

We understand that the complexities in managing African tenements can be complex and onerous. Transitioning to a more robust and scalable database solution, was critical in supporting our complex mining operations, ensuring seamless data integration, and facilitating real-time decision-making processes.

This is a strategic move that holds the potential to significantly enhance our operational efficiency, data management capabilities and overall business performance.

By automating key document creation and streamlining the capture and reporting of key information come reporting time, PX4 will save your team time and resources come annual reporting time. Moreover, capturing all our commercial obligations and stakeholder engagements on the ground creates a real source of truth across your claims that is invaluable for stakeholders at all levels.

Change is always hard, and moving to a new system or a new way of doing things is always a tricky decision – even more so when you have been doing the same thing for years. Even if something has NOT yet gone wrong, that does not mean that there are not better, more suitable solutions out there that will increase efficiency, improve visibility, and access to data, and mitigate key company risks.

To learn more about how PX4 can automate, streamline, and dramatically improve your claim management processes – reach out today!

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