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Black Cat Syndicate (“BC8”) is a fast-growing gold exploration company, with assets across Western Australia. They have established a substantial and growing tenure portfolio of high-grade gold resources spread across the Eastern Goldfields, Eastern Pilbara and Tanami regions, with a Resource base which now stands at over 2 million ounces and continues to grow.

BC8’s experienced exploration team manage its highly prospective tenement holdings, in-house. To gain the visibility, transparency and access to data that the BC8 team required, a modern and intuitive solution was the only way forward. The team were also looking at ways to manage their various tenement related issues and processes not specifically related to compliance, i.e. Management of Heritage Agreements, the capturing of stakeholder communications as well as human IP and emails. This was extremely important to the team as the company progresses and different team members are required out in the field.

An Intuitive Platform for All Users

With a large portfolio of tenements across WA and a busy workload (for both the internal tenement management team and the geologists in the field), the team required an intuitive and simple to use system.

With PX4 Resources, Shintaro and the team at BC8 were given a 60-minute expert session and an environment to use – and that was all that was required. With intuitive workflows driving compliance, and visual, graphic cards and dashboards, the PX4 system is not just intuitive, but it also looks great.

For BC8, managing heritage agreements, capturing stakeholder communications, and capturing human intellectual property (IP) and emails, especially during key staff transitions, are crucial for several reasons.

  • Compliance and Legal Protection: Heritage agreements often come with legal obligations and compliance requirements. Proper management ensures that BC8 adheres to these agreements, reducing the risk of legal disputes, fines, or loss of funding due to non-compliance.
  • Risk Management: Effective management helps identify and mitigate risks associated with heritage conservation and stakeholder relations. By capturing stakeholder communications and historical data, BC8 can anticipate potential challenges, address concerns, and implement proactive measures to protect cultural assets.
  • Continuity of Operations: Capturing human IP and emails is essential for maintaining continuity, especially during staff transitions. It ensures that valuable knowledge, insights, and institutional memory are preserved and accessible to incoming staff, preventing disruptions in heritage and asset management processes.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Trust: Capturing stakeholder communications demonstrates BC8’s commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and promotes collaborative decision-making, leading to more effective management outcomes.

Direct Cost Savings and Increased Efficiency

Not only was PX4 the most intuitive and easy to adopt system on the market, but it is also an affordable and cost-effective tool. With scaled pricing based on the number of jurisdictions and the number of editors required (with unlimited viewer access provided free of charge!), PX4 also provided a direct cost saving for the BC8 team.

With jurisdictionally specific workflows, graphic and intuitive operation and by providing data accessibility across the whole exploration team, BC8 have seen their tenement management become more effective and efficient with PX4.
With direct cost savings in increased effectiveness of key staff, and better data accessibility, the BC8 team have seen improvements across their tenement management on all fronts.

The Benefits

By adopting PX4, the BC8 team have experienced:

  1. Direct cost savings and improved effectiveness of key staff;
  2. Confidence in a jurisdictionally specific solution;
  3. Significant time savings through automated action creation and daily reminders;
  4. Access to critical data for the entire organisation; and
  5. Increased productivity through operating via a cloud-based, intuitive system.

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